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  1. Bryan, nice looking car. Once I get new injectors my car will be road ready. We should cruise.
  2. Another cool vid, man. You should make this sort of like an intro and transition in to a little heavier music and some street thrashing.
  3. Haha, Vaseline is a petroleum product I heard on NPR today that there are two new fields coming online by the fall that will bring prices all the way back down to a very cheap $85 a barrel. Ha.
  4. http://www.roadandtrack.com/article.asp?section_id=31&article_id=6594 Very cool! GTR lives up to the hype!
  5. The more I see people making big power with a non-p90 head and/or flat tops, the more I wish I would have gone this route. To answer the question, the price seems fair.
  6. Quoted from a youtube commenter, "As for the engine it's a BMW s50b30 3 litre inline 6 cylinder from the BMW M3 93-96 built by italian firm Caroli Sport." I would love to know more about it.
  7. Hmmm... I'm trying to think of a worse car to learn how to drive a stick on... there aren't many. Until you drive a manual transmission you really don't get the complete experience of driving. When I drive my daily car(auto), I find myself going for the clutch with my left foot and reaching for the shifter with my right hand.
  8. Great quality... is this because of the video player/uploader or the camera?
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    stuff for sale
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    I/c for sale
  11. People who know are probably going to want to see your msq.
  12. If you've got power to the car and it still wont turn over, remember to try tapping the starter with a hammer. You may also want to try to jump the terminals on the starter if that tapping doesn't help.
  13. My dad has a couple vacu forms at his work. I always thought making a sort of "clamshell" two piece intake manifold that could be sonic welded together would be awesome. But because of the precision needed, I think plastic injection molding would be better suited.
  14. There are base .msq files for almost every engine out there which makes it a lot easier to sort of learn by example. For me, it is very hard to read that guide unless I am actually looking at megatune.
  15. http://forgemotorsport.co.uk/content.asp?inc=gallery
  16. Thanks, exactly the kind of info I was looking for. I also found this, Now that school has started, I've got plenty of time between days when I can actually work on the car. I will probably be trying both methods.
  17. I started today by pulling the fuel rail with injectors still connected from the intake manifold. I turned the car over to see if I got any spray at all. There was none. I wondered if it was possible that all six injectors could be clogged completely. I grabbed a spare injector and threw it on, turned over the car and saw that it was spraying as normal. My question is, does anybody know of a do-it-yourself way to clean these injectors. I've already painted and polished the little mounts, the other injectors I have use different mounts so, I'd like be able to clean and use the nice
  18. Between work and school, I haven't had a chance to get back out in the garage. Maybe Saturday... Is there a way to monitor pulsewidth in Megatune? Can it be considered accurate?
  19. Getting a little political here, but here is the reason for the short range batteries. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nickel-metal_hydride_battery#Patent_encumbrance_of_NiMH_batteries Basically, the patents to better batteries have been bought, and the patent owners refuse to let them be used in fully electric cars.
  20. You know, this is a good question. I've wired the pump directly to a switched 12v source, maybe the pump isn't getting power during cranking. However, there should still be enough pressure in the line to at least give the engine a little stumble. I'll check that out next time. I know its got spark because I've pulled a plug and seen it spark during cranking. Thanks for the help.
  21. Like this? source: http://www.diyautotune.com/catalog/pcbv3-valve-control-tip120-modkit-p-134.html
  22. Okay, thanks for all you help so far. I've got spark that appears to be correct. I haven't gotten a chance to to put a timing light on it but that will be next weekend I guess. Again, my car is a 72 with an 83 L28ET, MSnS_E v.021s (I will be upgrading soon, just want proof on concept here) .MSQ... http://www.reynoldsanddanielle.com/pictures/CarStuff/MSnS/MOBY/msns_extra021u_settings.zip Anyway, I haven't gotten the car to start yet. The car doesn't even begin to start, it just cranks with out any ignition whatsoever. I don't think I'm getting fuel from the injectors. After c
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