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  1. Your car has really come together. As always, keep the vids coming.
  2. That's my point, there is no arguement. The only qualm I have with rustoleum is that in order to repaint with traditional paint I've heard that the car needs to be taken back to bare metal. Derek, can you recommend a good yet affordable ($200-$300 range) single stage paint?
  3. This is where the opposition always tries to take these threads (I have seen threads like this on every forum I frequent, even this one.) The problem with your point is, that it isn't relevant. Nobody even hinted that this was a solution that could compete with a big money paint job, and I don't believe you thought somebody would mistake it as such. So why would you even bring it up other than to knock the idea completely? This system is clearly a viable option that has already proven that it can stand the test of time. I believe this rusto paint job is 5 or 6 years
  4. I agree, there is undoubtedly some animosity over this issue which I don't understand. This is a DIY forum, yet every time the subject of roll on paint comes up there are people who are strongly opposed to the idea. This would be understandable on a ferrari forum, but here on hybridz we are talking about datsuns! Most of us got our cars for next to nothing because that is what they are worth. Why would we spend thousands on a paint job? The issue of longevity I think should be put to rest. Numerous testimonials showing Rustoleum being effictive as long as conventional paint have been
  5. Naw, the wheels on that car are actually centered within the wheelwell, j/k. That looks awesome.
  6. Its got a bad rep because it came from ssautochrome. You can find the reasons why this sellers parts are a waste of space are all over the internet, including this site. That being said, some people have "luck" with some of his parts.
  7. It was on craigslist for 3-4 days maybe, but it was in southwest missouri someplace. Cowls are an easy replacement, rockers honestly aren't that bad either.
  8. befor you get screamed at, haha http://forums.hybridz.org/showthread.php?t=71959
  9. That is a good idea, get your mounts all fabbed up (save the diagrams or just make two sets), get the sr20 in there, get it running, get ahold of all the parts you need to make it run. By the time you get all that work done, you will realize that this car is not an ideal canidate, you can then swap the engine into a nicer car.
  10. No offense, but if I were in your situation, I would probably part this car our and use the money to find a z in better condition. If this doesn't sound reasonable, I would upgrade with the idea that the parts could easily be switched to a better chassis when found. (i.e., engine mods, basic suspension mods.)
  11. I regularly see completely stock mini coopers cleaning up at the auto x.
  12. I'm assuming this was the $100 280 from craigslist. I though about grabbing it but you beat me to it.
  13. That thing is awesome. Can we get some pictures and more info?
  14. check out that diagram that braap posted. It shows which side should be the inlet and outlet.
  15. I'm in the same boat. I don't get pulled over, but when a cop sees me in the "nice" part of town there is about a 80% chance he will get right on my bumper and run my plates. I feel like making a bumper sticker that says, "Driving a shitty car is not a crime."
  16. From what I'm seeing that looks like a fine canidate for restoration. In my experience, flat tops can be made to perform as well as the rounds, but they are harder to maintain. If you decide to stick with those flat tops, buy a rebuild kit. If you decide to get round tops, get the 3 screw version.
  17. Nice, work. That is probably 5 hours shorter than it would have taken me. But I'm usually multitasking (read drinking beer) p.s. I'm sorry to jack your thread, but I felt the need to post info regarding this particular tank because I noticed a lot less threads about it on zcar since the last time I searched over there.
  18. seriously impressive. Looking forward to the video, please let us hear you put some revs through it.
  19. http://www.grahamparts.com/parts_info.php?part=FOTZ%209K044%20A I called, they have two in stock for $48.76, -Joe
  20. I knew I should have bought more for that price! The lines are 5/16" and 3/8". P.S. I did buy this probably a year and a half ago.
  21. I'm going to agree with mark. Start saving for a good shell, but keep your ear to the ground while doing so. Good shells can be found here in missouri, but it takes a lot of looking. -Joe
  22. I read about this part here and at zcar. I have not run it in the car, I went a different route. It is about the size of an oil filter. Part number is 9k044, its from an 86-90 ford bronco II. I tried to find a link to the site where I bought it from and it appears to no longer exist. Also, there used to be lots of info about this on zcar, but it's also NLA. -Joe
  23. I can understand wanting to fabricate your own parts, but for my time and money, I just bought a bronco II surge tank from fordpartsnetwork for something like $28 shipped! I don't even have a job and my time is worth more than the money saved by fabricating your own, so cost effectivity is a moot point IMO.
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