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  1. HAHA, I love to see the people who try to speed through the merge lane get tickets. I may sound insensitve, but I have to deal with this on a daily basis because there is one on my route to school. I'm tempted more and more to make a stencil and mark the lane "******* lane" in this style:
  2. Nothing to show for it? I think your car looks awesome. At least raise the price on that intake manifold.
  3. Thanks for posting, that rally vid is awesome. The section with the hard braking before the left hairpin near the beginning was awesome.
  4. I'm having trouble figuring out how to wire this thing into my relay board. The ballast pack came from an 81. Will this work? The heavier gauge wire is thicker wire in the drawing.
  5. That can be an advantage when buying used, like he is planning to do. I would go with the Jag. Since I have never driven either of these cars, I am basing this on aesthetics alone. Also, you will definitely stand out from the crowd in an XJR.
  6. Awesome car. I'm sure your competition has either already found this thread or is looking for it.
  7. I've hung out with this guy a few times, he is a professional skateboarder (so, yes, he has lots of free time). However, if I remember correctly, he made most of this in one night.
  8. also: http://www.youtube.com/user/marcguimont
  9. I have heard of people having good results going gasketless. http://forums.hybridz.org/showthread.php?t=103341&highlight=exhaust+manifold+gasket
  10. Make sure it is shipped ground. For some reason, people don't like it when you put explosive devices on airplanes these days.
  11. Considering how small your market actually is, I would consider information like this proprietary, and I actually did when I used to sell a lot of z parts on ebay. That being said, I'm pretty much out of the game and can tell you that you are missing N42 intake manifolds ~ $100, 280z bumper ends can go for close to $100 a piece. -Joe
  12. This is the part that worries me the most.
  13. The car looks great. Watch out for the hair faced monster in the third photo. -Joe
  14. I've found that when selling items that are valuable, but only to a few people, (i.e. vintage car parts) you need to list your item at a fixed price. If you have something special, don't be afraid to list it for top dollar. If it is worth XX amount of dollars to you, then it is probably worth at least XXX amount of dollars to somebody else. Example: I had a xj6 dash in mint condition. I knew there was somebody out there willing to pay at least $400. So, I listed it at $400 buy it now. It sold within hours and I got numerous emails from people saying they would have paid twice that.
  15. A buddy of mine and I drove a recently purchased used mastercraft ski boat down to the lake to test it out. I don't know how it happened but the block some how got cracked. Not about to drive all the way back home without at least getting on the water, we slapped some JB weld on there, waited an hour and took the boat out. That was 8 years ago and the boat is still going strong. HA!
  16. Should have grabbed the ECU. You can usually get at least $100 for those. -Joe
  17. Thanks for the heads up, those are rad, as is the car.
  18. Do they make car related shirts that aren't some shade of grey?
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