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  1. The realtime display gives an accurate reading for my TPS, but I'll double check it tomorrow. I checked for power with the key on and I get 12v before and after the resistor pack. Of course I checked the fuses... any other ideas?
  2. Stock turbo injectors. I don't have a gauge, but there is pressure at the rail because I fixed a leak like 30 minutes ago, haha. Injectors wired like this.
  3. You're the man, that's what I needed I guess. I've got spark, but still not starting. I pulled a spark plug and it was completely dry. I put the multimeter on one of the fuel injector connectors and it showed about 1 volt during cranking.
  4. http://www.reynoldsanddanielle.com/pictures/CarStuff/MSnS/MOBY/msns_extra021u_settings.zip Thanks for the replies.
  5. Car is a 72, engine is an 83 L28et. Installed per Moby's guide with 4-wire Hei. MSnS_E v.021s with relay board, tuning with megatune 2.25. I'm getting rpm, response from all sensors including TPS. However, I'm not getting a spark. I'm ggetting 5 volts across W and G, but nothing across B and C on the HEI module, is this normal? These are the settings I'm using, I think moby's .msq?
  6. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Shells are cheap, sometimes free. Take this opportunity to do use everything you've learned the hard way. It's taken me years to build my car and it's no where near done, but if I had to do it again I feel like it would only take me a few months to get to back to where I am today and it would be done better.
  7. Of course, the welded differential and Ford Taurus electric fan swap.
  8. Before: After: Not to much time or money in this manifold.
  9. 816.965.8900 this is probably an 8am-3pm type of place. The guy is real laid back and all he'll need is a description of the problem and a model number.
  10. There is a place here in town that sells parts for appliances. I've used them to fix my washer, drier, and dish washer. I call the guy up and tell him whats going on and he immediately knows what the problem is and usually has the part in stock for ~$5.00. Try to find a place like that.
  11. I'd say this piece was built more for aesthetics than performance. There has been some debate on this site of what horsepower level is required before performance gains are achieved by a larger throttle body. http://forums.hybridz.org/showthread.php?t=119899 Also, giving up the webbed heat shielding is purely aesthetic and some would say detrimental to performance. That being said, If you can get it for a good price go for it.
  12. Custom suspension. Hand painted faux wood wheels. Many custom designed parts. 1 video and 195 pictures of the build... http://www.mat.fi/project1929fordmodel-a.htm
  13. Yeah, at least thats the way I remember it. I just googled this story though and an article I found said that he was caught after ditching the car and trying to hide in a field.
  14. I agree, chasing criminals is pretty ridiculous, especially when you know the suspects identity. EX: Bank robber kills another driver in head on collision. http://www.kpho.com/video/14783945/index.html http://www.abc15.com/news/local/story.aspx?content_id=d7f804e1-eb98-4c00-ada8-f46cab138a85 Chopper video http://www.abc15.com/mediacenter/local.aspx?videoid=9426@knxv.dayport.com
  15. This happened here in Kansas City. The kid did get away. However, he was arrested a day or two later at his house.
  16. http://www.popsci.com/popsci/automotivetech/163cf51b6fd89010vgnvcm1000004eecbccdrcrd.html
  17. Errrr.... Pics? Vids? Please! That sounds so cool.
  18. And break the first, most important law of internet arguing?
  19. Pass! You are in california and this is the best deal you could find? $2000 for a stripped, rusted death trap?
  20. Great, thanks for the pictures. How much did you get your ticket for?
  21. Great to see a local. This car belonged to a Silent, a member of this board. The motor looks great.
  22. I would research to find out which version of the E88 you've got there, most likely it's the "better used as a boat anchor" stock version. Don't know why you'd want the dished piston block in option 2... If your head isn't the version without quench I would go with option 1. If it is, I would go with option three w/ larger valves. -http://www.geocities.com/zgarage2001/z.html
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