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  1. "According to a Road & Track road test, the 580 horsepower turbocharged straight six Datsun engine pushed the 2600 lbs. car from 0-60 mph in 3.8 seconds. It turned 131 mph the SS¼-mile in 11.5 seconds. Eventually, the engine made almost 700 horsepower which surprised many a Porsche 935." ~http://www.a2zracer.com/page82.html This Modern Jun drag s30 is only making ~560Hp with nitrous. ~http://www.zzzing.net/jun_auto_sales/ Maybe Tony D could share some information on what the japanese were able to get out of these engines during the 80's. edit: tony beat me to it --- I'm not trying to jack your thread or knock what you've created. It's an obvious improvement, that can't be argued.
  2. It has to be 1fastz's L31DETT project. From conception to completion it showed what hybridz is all about. Just look at "that other" z forum if you want to see what something so technically impressive can be reduced to (i.e., name calling, flaming). Hybridz was able (with some moderation) to stick to what is important.
  3. I've connected my laptop to the controller while in the car and I get nothing. I've used the port checker and it told me MSnS_E 021s. I've activated 021s in MT and configured the embedded code parameter. When I have the stimulator hooked up, MT will only respond to a baud rate of 9600. Isn't MSnS_E supposed to be 115200? IDK, sounding familiar to anyone?
  4. Search for 60mm throttle upgrade; you will find many posts with people who know L-series engines describing this as next to useless. Other than that, it sounds like you are on the right track. Nitrous, a good tune up, and sticky tires would be on my list for sure.
  5. Here is something similar but more complicated and also includes a subframe connector (for a g-body) http://www.hdrcoupe.com/pages/Max-G-suspension.php
  6. Thanks for the response; I'm talking about the tach input on the relay board. I realized that spinning the distributor will cause a test light to flash when pointed to the spot indicated by the red dot on this diagram. I'm trying to set the initial timing and I still can't get the middle led to light on the MS unit. I have tested the unit with a stim on my desktop and all seems well. I have not been able to get a laptop connected to the unit while it's in the car.
  7. I plan to move leave Kansas and move to Oregon after college. Is there no antique exemptions in Oregon? This will be the one thing I miss about KS, we can renew our registration through the mail, one initial mechanical inspection and then thats it.
  8. I'm wiring my relay board. I've got a 1k-ohm 1/4 watt resistor that I've run between the +12V injector block and the TACH input per moby's sticky. After wiring it up, I put a test light on the TACH input and got nothing. When I pull the jumper wire with the resistor in it off the TACH terminal, the test light shows power, but as soon as I put it back on the TACH terminal it goes dead again. Is this normal?
  9. selling the rear bumper, tail lights, and trim alone should double your investment (including time/gas). I'm seeing window trim going for $200 plus for series one cars now... geeez, these people must be really allergic to junk yards.
  10. Do they sell dies? Edit: It says they tell you where to buy the dies in the instructions.
  11. Thanks, nice video. I think it's actually more entertaining to have the engine noise in the background for the entire video, with the music playing over it. Kind of like the way most hollywood movies do it. I really enjoyed the edit though, great shots.
  12. Probably time to replace the gaskets and seals on that rear end.
  13. I've always heard of s30's being the poor man's corvette, but for me, it is the poor man's 930.
  14. Dude, how do you lead the life you do? Not just the wheelies, but the car, the kids, the house.... I'm 23 and jealous!
  15. Sounds like you've never heard of crazedlist.org. It does what you've just described, but it does it all in one window without all of the leg work. It only works with firefox
  16. Well rice is subjective. To me it is most anything you can buy from the accessories isle at AutoZone. At my AutoZone, fog lights take up about 1/4 of the rice isle space.
  17. I vote no, keep it clean and farrrr away from rice.
  18. Ship one from the southwest. This will probably be cheaper and it will have less rust. But yes, craigs is probably the best place to look, also the classifieds here and other z sites aswell.
  19. And for good reason! I'm glad the mods are keeping this thread clean, it really is going to be the first impression a lot of traffic will get of the site.
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