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  1. https://www.cantonracingproducts.com/cgi-bin/commerce.cgi?search=action&category=1501 Look here
  2. I don't have the pn. Out of town now and can't get to the car. The pan has the kick outs on both sides. I did have to modify the exhaust a bit to make it fit. I installed it with the motor in the car but I do have a lift. The lift made it much easier.
  3. I have an lt1with jtr mounts. I ran the stock pan until it was cracked. The pavement was heaved up in the center of the lane. It put a crack on the pan. No engine damage but I was lucky. I put a canton race pan on it. Now the cross member is lower than the pan.
  4. Good luck mike. Hope this sloves your issues. Is the chin event full course? Hate to miss all the fun.
  5. Use the stiffer springs in front. Softer in the rear
  6. What a piece of crap........
  7. Unfortunatly Ross at Modern Motorsports passed away recently. I'm not sure his business will be around without Ross. Another option is John Coffey.
  8. Just buy an ls series take out. Any ls series. Put it in the car with a dry sump and you are done for many years. Don't worry about squeezing the last bit of up out of the set up. Get it in the car and drive it. Later maybe swap a cam and intake or heads. When that pukes put another take out in the car. Good luck. Frustrating I know.
  9. I've got the wolf creek set up on the ls 6 track car. Great product. No issues.
  10. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your son Ross.
  11. Mike. If the valve is working and it sounds like it did before, is bet you have air in the Accusump. Run the air side up to 60 to purge and then reset base line pressure again. Do it a few times until you get it to work correctly. Mine did he same thing when I first put it together. Took a few times to get the air out and oil in.
  12. I'm sure you've seen this but AccusumpTM not filling or filling too slowly It should be noted that the standard electric valve units fill slowly. The design of the valve is to ensure that too much oil is not diverted from the engine during refill. These units are recommended for pre-oiling and not for surge control. The EPC electric valve will fill slowly until the pressure threshold is reached at which time it will rapid fill. Other reasons for slow or no refill: 1) The manual valve is not being opened completely. 2) The EPC is wired incorrectly. When the pressure is above the threshold, the valve should not be energized. 3) The wrong EPC pressure threshold was selected for your engine's pressure range. The pressure threshold should be below the engines normal operating pressure. 4) The EPC valve may be plumbed incorrectly. The pressure sender should be installed closer to the engine than the electric valve. 5) The electric valve may be installed backwards. It should be mounted so the port marked “IN†is plumbed to the AccusumpsTM and the port marked “Out†is plumbed to the line running to the engine. When the valve is mounted backwards oil will not enter when it is in the off position. 6) The feed lines or connecting port is too small. 7) The pre-charge is too high and not letting oil enter. 8) The unit is bent, distorted or mounted incorrectly.
  13. New motor right? Is pressure range of valve right for oil pressure on motor?
  14. If the pressure gauge on the Accusump is not reading close to oil pressure when the car is running I'd be suspicious of the valve. You running an electric valve?
  15. Did you raise the Accusump air pressure to 60 psi to ensure it was totally empty before taking a base line oil level? The car looks bad ass!
  16. Cycle it a few times. Have you checked the air pressure In the Accusump? How do you know it only took a quart?
  17. It's a long nose r200 clutch type LSD
  18. I've got a 4.37 clut h type LSD ill sell.
  19. I hope they both get at least what they are asking. I'd have a basement full of treasure!
  20. Gvincent I had Carolina auto masters in Durham nc build the motor. It's been a while and I really don't remember the details. I'm sure the owner Jeff Creach would give you the details.
  21. I've got a 383 lt 1 in my 240. T 56 and 3.54 rear. It puts out about 425 to the rear wheels. It is a blast to drive. It does require some restraint. The car is set up very well. Most of what determines whether your car ends up in a ditch is what's between the drivers ears.
  22. If hhat is the green 944 that's my friend Quentin. He is very detail oriented. Almost anal about that car. Every outing he dialing it in. He built it and it out runs cars costi g 10 times as much. Cool car cool guy.
  23. mark


    From the album: For Sale

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