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  1. Find a new shell. Transfer the goodies. Fix all the little things that bugged you on this one. Glad no one was hurt.
  2. Find a new shell. Transfer the goodies. Fix all the little things that bugged you on this one. Glad no one was hurt.
  3. What a great compliment to your hard work. A finished product that you actually drive!! Congrats.
  4. Tie rods form courtsey nissan will be about 150-160 a set to you door. When the z car customs parts are compared to the nissan parts, it aint that bad. When compared to the $25 rock auto price, they do look expensive but so do the nissan parts.
  5. I know some guys here will cringe but what I have done for about the past 15 years is to straighten the stock tie rods in my press to get rid of the bend. It gives a little more length. I have only used nissan tie rods and they have survived many track days and MANY offs.
  6. Passenger mirror is a drivers side mirror with the lense rotated 180 degrees
  7. Who named the guibo? Enjoying your progress. Can't wait to see it on the track
  8. How would one go about installing a cage in the fiberglass shell?
  9. I'd get a set and some of those bull balls and mount them both on the back of my truck. Pubes for the pickup.
  10. You are on the best. Coast for finding a a nice shell. Start looking.
  11. I've bought imsa fenders g nose air dam tc rods and tie rods. Great to work with. I'll buy more stuff as the need arises
  12. You will be fine with the stock parts. I've ran 2.5-3 degrees of negative camber with stock tie rods with no issues. Been like that for at least 15 years.
  13. Arizona z cars of style of tubular control arms will do what you want. I have a set on my car and have done what you are trying to do with these arms. Cobra Matt is selling a pair for 250. That is a killer deal.
  14. Have you considered getting wheels with the correct Offset? What size tire are you trying to fit in the stock well? What sIze and type of wheel do you have?
  15. Yes. There is a sticky on this site about mounting that master cyclinder on the s-30
  16. Looks like it puts the front and rear brakes on the same circuit. The stock Z master cyclinder has a separate front and rear circuit.
  17. I got to spend a day on the ring in a Lotus Exige. It was 45 and pouring rain. It was a very stressful day on the track but a blast! I would love to go back.
  18. Mike. Watch those dorman boots closely. I never had any luck with those. Ended up using factory boots. The dorman boots I used on my yellow car ended up coming apart at speed. It was a mess. You may have better luck.
  19. I recently went off at VIR. The car flew at least 30 feet. Landed nose first. I had Arizona Z car tubular control arms (old style) on the front of the car. The control arms broke The tie rods bent One billet aluminum steering knuckle bent The stock cross member cracked The TC rods held in place by one bolt were fine. Not even bent. I was fine also.
  20. If plumbed correctly, the overflow goes back to the tank. It does not drain.
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