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  1. 2002 ls1 t. 56. Road race the shIft out of the car. I have a quartermaster twin dIsc set up with there slave and Tilton master. I don't think I have ever bled the clutch after it was put tOgther 6 years ago. Now I'm ashamed. I must go bleed my clutch.
  2. Matt the way that car accelerates out Of a turn is crazy. It sounds incrredable. Awesome video!
  3. Is it still up? Can't watch it rite now
  4. In Arizona you should be able to find a nice mostly rust free car. Run from rust,,
  5. Does the stamp on the piston that says STD mean it is a piston for a stock bore?
  6. Back in 1985 I went to the Nissan dealer in Raliegh NC to buy a G nose. I was quoted just over 800 for the G nose. I was a few hundred short so I passed. Wish I had bit the bullet now.
  7. My stuff came from zccjdm. Can't go wrong. I'll buy again the next time I wad it up.
  8. mark

    F40 wing

    If you want an actual part buy the z car stuff. If you want to piss your money away buy the show cars stuff
  9. mark

    F40 wing

    You have got to be kidding. Showcars?? You might as well put your cash in a pile, cover in fuel and light it.
  10. Shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Typically inside tires are unloaded to the point a mild bump will not upset he car. It really depends on the corner, the size of the curbing, speed thru he corner, car set up, dirVer preferences and probably several other factors I've left out
  11. John sells a big cowl hood that would go a long way to making these headers fit. Mike, If you do it, I want to see and hear that beast!
  12. I've had good success using stage 8 fastners. I have lost a few of the c clips before but overall they have worked great. Google stage 8 fastners.
  13. Very cool blend of an old school z car and 21 century tech. Hope to see it in person one day
  14. This will get you close to the 350 mm on the z http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php/topic/85165-13-inch-floating-rotor-set-up-with-pics/
  15. Funny, I have been thinking the same thing. Rumors persist about a factory turbo option for that car. I have not driven one so I cant comment on the comfort aspect of the car but I do like the looks and size of the car.
  16. Ive often thought the same thing. I've been looking for a nice davily driver for a while now and have come to the conclusion that no one makes the car I want. No car gives that kick inthe back like the Z except maybe the new caddy ctsv. Problem is that in a few years the plastic will start to fall apart is this caddy is like the rest of the gm stufF I own. Plus the mileage is no better than my truck. Waiting on the car that will get 30 mpg, confortable to drive for hours at a time, handles well, 0-60in underr 5 seconds,and I must fit in it! Maybe in a few years if gas prices stay around 4 bucks a gallon, hybrid technology will provide me the car I want.
  17. I figured that I needed to have a track car that I could get for cheap, be relativly maintenance free, cheap to fix, and fun to drive. I enjoy taking my friends to the track and riding them around Matt, Thats funny. That is the reason that I built my z. Cheap, low maintence (if that is possible on a ttrack car) cheap to fix and fun to drive. Enjoy the vette. Mark
  18. Let me know what the fix to the death is imminent feeling is. About the coil overs coming loose, this has happened to me several times. There needs to be another red nut on the threaded collar or a set screw to lock these things Again not something that would show up on a show or street car.
  19. Hey Matt, You know that annoying brake squeal that you think is just pads? It aint pads. Pull the front wheels off the car and look at how close the caliper sits to the edge of the rotor. The calipers need to sit a bit higher on the rotors. If you pull the caliper off the rotor and inspect it you will find that it is rubbing the outer most edge of the rotor. The more days you rack up the worse it will get. I finally had the aluminum bracket remade to correct the spacing problem. Had it done in chrome mol;y. It doesn't flex any more. This will never show up on a street driven car and maybe not a na straight 6 track car. You have a beast. Check it out. I may be wrong but it sounds like mine and it got worse quickly. Let me know what you find. I've gone to a full floating set up on the front and have no more issues with brakes fading or rotors cracking. Thanks for the video. It was awesome!! Love the sound. heres the brakes. http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php/topic/85165-13-inch-floating-rotor-set-up-with-pics/page__p__807332__hl__%2B13+%2Binch+%2Bfloating+%2Brotors__fromsearch__1#entry807332
  20. It really depends on what you will be doing with the car. If this is a track monster, cap the rails. Buy some channel and make your own. If it's a street car and stock engine leave the rails alone.
  21. Matt. Amazing car. Great to see a project actually "finished" and on he track Enjoy the ride!
  22. I just assumed it was bagged because no one would drive that...........................
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