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  1. I'm almost positive the cages are the same on both sides of the axel. The problem with this set up is both ends float. Even with a longer axel you will have some type of problem. The longer axel will eat thru the stock grease cap and move until it hits something. Either inboard or out board. If the axel does not pull the CV apart, it will eat something else on the side that the axel moves toward. I hope that makes sense. the End stops on both CV's will cure this. It's a cheap and easy fix verses having custom axels made. Hopes this helps.
  2. I've drilled out a bleeder. THen went and bought a new caliper. At this point what do you have to loose? Try lots of heat. Map gas is hotter than propane.
  3. I've got an old wide body kit I bought several years ago. Never used it. It's front and rear fenders. It cost about 1600 when I bought it. I'll sell for 500. I'm just outside charlotte NC.
  4. Why do you need to see behind you? That thing is quick as hell! Nice idea. I like it. Very cool.
  5. Yes remove the stock proportioning valve. It's been a long time is ce I've done mine but I seem to remember the stock valve may. Hold pressure in the stock drum brakes. Another consideration is pad compound. Gut the stock valve and go from there.
  6. I'd post your email exchange on the feedback
  7. Did you find the red fitting in the packing?
  8. You will need different motor and tranny mounts. Check out john's cars kit. You will not be able to use the mounting kit that is In the car now.
  9. Yes, I want one. CF please. How much and where do I send funds? Thanks Matt!
  10. I've got a well sorted lt1 swap t56. 99%rust free. Nice CA CAR. yellow paint. Fresh 383. Q 45 rear Very nice interior. Seats are black leather sparco milanos, about 1800 each. Needs shocks rebuilt. Double adjustable bilstiens. 3 sets of 17 inch wheels. 5 grand worth of wheels easy. One set is panasport g8. Too many mods to think of now. I never drive it any more. I'd sell it for 12. http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php/gallery/image/3204-lt-1-z/
  11. Cool Project. Look forward to more updates.
  12. Dry dump pan. It's what I have on my car. Matt has this setup as well.
  13. I've got a spare ARE oil pan for a single row timing chain LSX. You WILL need one of those
  14. Matt. I'm running 17 x 12 in the rear. Just got the car back together after a flying off at Vir a year ago. I'd love to get down there with you and mike one weekend. I may even take a day or two off for that! The car may have looked planted in the video but I assure you, it's a hand full. I have been running victor racers because they were cheap. They don't make the rear sizes anymore. I was running a 305 or 315. I'll be going to 18's just for a better selection of rubber. I'll go thru 2 or 3 sets of rears and the front tires still look pretty good but are heat cycled to death. The car has never pushed. I can steer with the throttle any time any where. My set up continually moves in the stiffen front soften rear direction. With a new set of rear tires on the car I love it like it is now. I may try a stiffer arb at some point. I keep looking at those rear wings. I have an idea in mind that would use the stock rear bumper mount as the upright mounts. Hopefully one day it will move from my mind to metal.
  15. Watch out for the while it's apart bug. Fix it and put it back together Good luck.
  16. Matt, Thanks for the reply. I've been considering making a front undertray but having a premade one that would bolt on, even with a general level of fit, would be great. I'll keep an eye out for updates on performance and get in touch with you. To level my air dam, I used a NASCAR urethane air dam rub strip. It is slightly adjustable, and I don't ahve to worry about knocking the paint off the bottom of the air dam. The gloss black also looks nice against the orange paint.
  17. Matt, If the splitter is effective, you think you could get your guys to make a copy of yours? We have the same front end so fitment should be close.
  18. I have an idea for that. I'll begin development immediately. Progress post to follow.
  19. I'm using hooker blOck huggers on mine. No problems. Been on the car for 18 years
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