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What did you do to your Z today?

Racer Z

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Rebuild Nabco 15/16 Brake MC that taken from 1979 280ZX. Since 1979-83 280zx Brake MC repair kit is sold out RockAuto forever, I used brake cylinder parts only from 84 280zx Brack Dragon Repair kit. It fit really well.



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Tried to take her out for a spin last sunday, as soon as I pulled her out of the garage she started leaking fuel. Turns out the rubber fuel line at the fuel filter had dried and cracked over the winter. Ran to the parts store and picked up some fuel line and replaced all the pieces. Didn't get to drive her though :(

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I replaced recently melted combo switch parking light sliding shoe

with a nipple off a RainBird irrigation button.  The nipple shaft was

a perfect 4mm diameter to sit in the shoe pocket, and the barb was

just a bit too tall, but easily trimmed to the right height.  I even went

as far as to use a 7/64" drill to open up the inside of the nipple to

accommodate the tensioning spring.


The switch is a little stiff, but far better than no lights on a daily

driver.  If this 'fix' does not hold I have found RC hobby shops

carry 4mm polycarbonate rod that I could chop up to make new


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Bought: LD28 eng and tranny with starter.
Sitting on Craigslist a mile from my house in some dudes backyard.



Trying to figure out what to salvage from this $450 booty.

Starter - Yes

LD water pump- ya

Crank, sure.

Main cap screws- yep

Block - sold to another guy

What else?  Scrap it all?

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Alright! A chance to vent to someone who cares! Probably!


Lost a small socket down in the block while taking my camshaft off and broke head bolt #14 after removing the others by hand. It's my first ever engine rebuild, and it's just going swell. What was meant to be a head gasket change is becoming a complete teardown.


Someone just freakin' shoot me.

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