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What did you do to your Z today?

Racer Z

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The old large NAPA battery died over the winter, so I replaced it with the ETX14 motorcycle battery (O'Reilly's relabel of a Deka/Braille). Removed the plastic battery tray to strap this down and found a rusty shelf (never ends, eh?). Ignore the cables and strap, which are temporary and cobbled together with what I had on hand.


The ETX starts the car surprisingly well. Being light and sealed, it should be easy to disconnect and take inside when it gets cold or during other long periods where the car may not see use.



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Drove it . . .  real fast . . . on the track at Chuckwalla Raceway in So Cal.  First time at this track and I got to say it is a fun track.  The Z had three drivers for this two day event and performed well, no problems at all.  Our rear disc brake mod seems to work very well.

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Finally got the replacement alternator after 5 days of waiting and got it in in 30min. Feels good to drive my car again.


Also tried to test fit my new wheels on the front as well, but the tire is a little too big and hits the perch. Guess I'll just have to burn them off 1 pair at a time in the rear. 

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Trying to fix my jumping tach issue, I searched and found a couple of approaches.

- replaced the resistor situated in the passenger foot well, no go

- dismantled the tach, cleaned it and slightly heat up the soldering connections, no go.

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I finally finished welding in the new drivers' side rocker panel. The passengers' side went slick as snot but, discovery of old crash damage on the drivers' side almost caused me to scrap my early 260 project. After a lot of massaging I finally got it to fit. Wish I had known when I was replacing the floors!!!


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It was yesterday, but I track prepped my little monster, and she's ready (I hope) for her big showing at VIR.  So what did that involve?  Bleeding the brakes, changing the oil, checking the plugs and while I was at it, clearancing the inner two plugs on each side of the motor, which means "dinging" the pipes for air flow around the plug wire, adding some insulated wrap to a brake line that runs close to the header on the passenger side, and in general checking everything once, and putting a wrench on all the important bits.


Rock on!


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Didn't work on MY Z very much. Other than puttering.


But...I managed to spray the first coats of 2k high build primer on my friend Pat's 1971 240z that is the background of many of my pictures. It was a long time coming.

Here's just a SAMPLE of where it came from. The following is a modest shot to say the least. The body was pretty well neglected..But she's coming back, beautiful as ever.


And here it is now. Freshly rolled out of the garage, before cleaning.

He's going to drive it in primer for a while, until he affords paint.

So he's slowly putting it back together. Not bad for a 800 dollar car. :)






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Wasn't mine. Helped do the front suspension, eibach springs, poly bushings, illuminas. Started the driver side first. Couldn't get the strut out of the tube. PB blaster, heat. So far nothing working. Did the pass side with no problems, already back together.


Back to the driver side strut. More heat, pb blaster. Leaving a scissors jack under pressure with vise grips at the top with nut at the top of the strut. Base of the scissors jack against the vise grips, the other end of the jack on the spring perch. The cartridge does move side to side slightly, but not enough to completely free it up to lift it out. Will keep it under pressure over night and smack it with a hammer again in the morning.



** Bent strut housing, got one from salvage yard, same thing bent housing. Gave her one of mine, will replace when she gets one. Car is on the road. 5-24**

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