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///M powered Z

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Sounds fantastic Chris!, is megasquirt Matt the same Matt at MT in Richmond Hill? Looking a tuner for my MSQ setup.


James, yes one in the same, he's very talented, 2nd nature to him. I'm heading down to the shop next week for the final 'on the highway' tuning.

MOAR VIDEOS!  :rockon:


Congratulations! This gives me a needed kick in the pants to work on mine some more.

I have to do another vid but having so much fun just driving it.


Here she is out in the sun under her own power, first time on the road in about 20 yrs.post-28202-0-05754900-1497649181_thumb.jpg


I got the rest of the interior in,post-28202-0-77396300-1497649416_thumb.jpgpost-28202-0-03603500-1497649458_thumb.jpgpost-28202-0-21090100-1497649495_thumb.jpg


Matt tuned it from idle to about 3200 rpm so I'm trying to be a good boy until next week when he can finish the job.

Learned a big lesson today, when you change out the wheel studs for new ones you MUST re torque the nuts after a couple of miles, luckily I remembered before any damage could happen, every nut needed tightening :oops:

Got the ITB's balanced, after balancing the first 4 I put 1 & 2 on 5 & 6 and matched them up to 3 & 4


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Been a long time since I up dated this thread, since the last post I spun a being at the track, had the engine rebuilt. That's what the track is for, to break things. Over the winter got a chance to clean up some things that I fast handed last year just to get it on the road. The last oil analysis reported a lot of sand and dirt in the oil so I got rid of the K&N filter and picked up a real paper filter from a 2008 Mustang,


On 7/24/2017 at 1:27 PM, Neverdone said:

What did you put on the front lip?


That looks great btw!

You know I never liked that splitter that I made last year, it wasn't wide enough to reach to the sides, so had another go at it.

I'm going BOSOZOKOU ! :lol:


Made some new clam shell pieces to clamp onto the bottom lip of the air dam,


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Hi Jeff,  I'm near Tottenham, north of T.O., have you started your build thread yet? We are all about the pics around here, can never get enough.

Edit, yes I found it, looking forward to your build.  If you are interested in more detail on the ///MZ you could have a look here, https://www.classiczcars.com/forums/topic/50240-thinking-about-installing-an-bmw-m6-engine-in-my-z/

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