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///M powered Z

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So I got all the patching done, finished the reinforcements, cleaned and sanded and shot two coats of 2 part epoxy primer and 2 coats of single stage urethane paint on the bottom of the car and inside the cab. The car is now up at the paint shop and he says it will take one month to block it out, do a couple of guide coats then 2 coats of colour and 4 of clear. Should only be 3 weeks now before I start re assembly. The first 2 pics are after the epoxy primer, adding the seamsealer and before paint.


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Got the headliner in and just finished the the header and side rail vinyl so will start on the windshield tomorrow. post-28202-0-13791700-1494886792_thumb.jpg

Tar mat is done and new power cable from the battery is in, also got the side glass finished,post-28202-0-51925600-1494886839_thumb.jpgpost-28202-0-34376300-1494886900_thumb.jpg

Test fitting the leather console cover, post-28202-0-84546400-1494886957_thumb.jpg

A last look at the header before it disappears into the engine bay,post-28202-0-27753800-1494887000_thumb.jpg

Gas tank, fuel pump are in,post-28202-0-66121500-1494887043_thumb.jpg

Brake and Clutch Masters are in and ready to go,post-28202-0-72412300-1494887560_thumb.jpg

Engine is almost fully assembled,post-28202-0-05531400-1494887100_thumb.jpgpost-28202-0-88499800-1494887147_thumb.jpg

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Well a brought bracket is just a piece of bent sheet metal too :lol:  Yes, made it out of some 1/8th" aluminum plate.



Got the windshield in today with the help of string line for a the weed wacker, very smooth. The dash is sort of in, just a couple of screws incase it has to come back out.



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I got ITB linkage synced up and the engine bay finished off, power steering installed, dash and steering wheel in,post-28202-0-51517900-1496357296_thumb.jpgpost-28202-0-62335300-1496357207_thumb.jpgpost-28202-0-21283600-1496357329_thumb.jpgpost-28202-0-12173600-1496357386_thumb.jpg


The muffler is hanging too low for my taste, I'll have to see if I can adjust it some how, post-28202-0-67367900-1496357353_thumb.jpg

Got the rear glass in and the leather all glued in place, more pics of that to come, post-28202-0-06260100-1496357423_thumb.jpgpost-28202-0-02462600-1496357437_thumb.jpg


Got the wheels/tires dressed and snapped in the Mr.K rear view mirror,post-28202-0-60425800-1496357455_thumb.jpgpost-28202-0-81908000-1496357467_thumb.jpg


Now I'm trying to get the engine started but can't get the rpm synced to Megasquirt satisfaction

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So I got the engine going :trippen: It is still not responding to the gas pedal just sort of doing its own thing.

I have Megasquirt Matt coming on Monday to tame it and finally get it out on the road and start sorting out the bugs.

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Wow that is really pretty.  You sounded sad in the video that you had to turn it off:)


Great stuff.




Thanks Derek, as much as I would love to get my hands on one of your heads, this was the cheaper, faster way to get something similar :rolleyes:

The car sounds awesome the exhaust tone is just right ! Mind PM the acid dip place here in Ottawa the prices are tripple that

Thanks, I just got the ECU tuned today and it has settled down and is sounding better, we'll see what it is like on the highway. Here is the link, http://technostrip.com/

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Sounds fantastic Chris!, is megasquirt Matt the same Matt at MT in Richmond Hill? Looking a tuner for my MSQ setup.


James, yes one in the same, he's very talented, 2nd nature to him. I'm heading down to the shop next week for the final 'on the highway' tuning.

MOAR VIDEOS!  :rockon:


Congratulations! This gives me a needed kick in the pants to work on mine some more.

I have to do another vid but having so much fun just driving it.


Here she is out in the sun under her own power, first time on the road in about 20 yrs.post-28202-0-05754900-1497649181_thumb.jpg


I got the rest of the interior in,post-28202-0-77396300-1497649416_thumb.jpgpost-28202-0-03603500-1497649458_thumb.jpgpost-28202-0-21090100-1497649495_thumb.jpg


Matt tuned it from idle to about 3200 rpm so I'm trying to be a good boy until next week when he can finish the job.

Learned a big lesson today, when you change out the wheel studs for new ones you MUST re torque the nuts after a couple of miles, luckily I remembered before any damage could happen, every nut needed tightening :oops:

Got the ITB's balanced, after balancing the first 4 I put 1 & 2 on 5 & 6 and matched them up to 3 & 4


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