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ProTunerz l-series intake manifold w/ throttle body + fuel rail

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As you guys may have seen on social media we are almost finished putting the final touches,  for a custom intake manifold for the l-series. We thought it only be fair to post here as well.  Here are the details...



Finally a Beautifully Tig welded Aluminum Intake Manifold For the L-Series motors. With a choice of 75/ 90mm Throttle body and Fuel Rail. We have been researching and devoloping this behind the scenes it is a very well thought out piece that has function and form combined.


Link to store with full details (75mm intake set)

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now check out sweet shots!! More on our social media pages Link















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INTAKE (4 colors Red, Blue, Flat Black , Polished) Anodizing at no extra charge

  • Angled Plenum/Runners: improves air flow smooth transition into head allows easier access to Header/DownPipe for maintenance. 
  • Less Heat soak due to reduced heat absorption properties of materials (when compared to stock and other aftermarket manifolds).
  • CNC BILLET Flange with built-in fluted runners to minimize eddy turbulence and promote nearly even cylinder head aspiration at all ports.
  • Gorgeous Fabrication: TIG welded Aluminum
  • Bolts and Fittings included.
  • Vacuum ports: 4 on the top/side to support vacuum-based accessories and accurate MAP readings.
  • Durable Finish

FUEL RAIL (5 Colors Black, Polished, Red, Blue, Purple)

  • Fuel Rail designed for 14mm/11mm Or oem Barb style Injectors
  • ORB-8 inlet with 6AN male fitting ends
  • Fuel Pressure/Sensor Port (Plug included)

THROTTLE BODY (Will match chosen manifold color by default. (Otherwise message us for different color selection).

  • 90mm Throttle body, Improve throttle response and increase air flow!
  • Cable actuated. Improves throttle feel and smooths pedal feedback.
    (Plus no more yellow balls and ugly mechanical linkage!)
  • Utilizes stock OEM TPS/240sx or 2jz adapters included! (for modern Engine Management Systems that require potentiometer)
  • Shipped Via Express Tracked and insured. Intake is very well packed with dense foam to ensure perfect delivery. Please view pics
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