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Does anybody know what today is?


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Holy Heck its Denny!!! Hey man did you get a call in the middle of the night about a year ago...some wierdo talking about an alarm going off and reports and other freaky stuff... Yeh that was me... I dialed the wrong Denny in my phone and didn't realize it until I hung up. Sorry!!


The car is still on the rot... hopefully it will come off in about 6 months. Good to hear from you... keep on postin'!!



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I`m amazed to see how the membership has changed over the years.I have poked my head in from time to time to see what`s happening, and I`ve been somewhat surprised at the changes.

I see that the V8 Z is slowly becoming less popular, as the younger crowd are turning to the new 4 and 6 cyl fi and turbo setups. I personally still prefer the "BIG ENGINE little CAR" philosophy.

I`ve also noticed that many of the old members are less visible. I guess there lives have gotten just as complicated as mine.



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Denny, It goes in phases. Kinda like my teenagers...


The oldest was soooo consumed by the Honda thing when he was 16. Now, almost 21, he's stuffing an RB25 into a 240SX. Eventually he'll move on to real cars! :lmao:


The youngest just told me he wants out of the "honda" thing, and wants to start a "real" project car. He's 18 and He has spent enough time around me that my influence has rubbed off. He wants to stuff an LS1 into a Miata! :2thumbs:


It all goes in phases... :wink:


Mike :cool:

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Denny, good to see you finally posting again!!!!


I might as well mention it publicly - for the past 2 years or so, I've been making the 90-mile drive to Wapakoneta every few months, to get Denny's help with my Z. It was only by his tutelage that I've been able to reassemble my car's suspension, get the short block built - and, maybe soon - get the engine running. And it was on the basis of his advice that I took my engine components to the machine shop, in the first place!

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i just wanna thank this site for all the friends it has gave me.

from J, to Juan (V8Dats), to Austin, to the alex's, to the old man tim, to ted, to olie, to my good friend ed, and most important Chris Upward who pretty much got me hooked on these old Z's even more so then i was when i came to houston.


chris is the man!!! and if u read this then call me cuz i broke my phone again and lost ur number.. again ahaha



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I will try to be more visible in the near future.

I`m getting back into the Z thing pretty heavy. After finishing a complete mechanical buildup for my neighbors el camino, I`m really getting the fever to have my own TOY finished.

I just picked up the 300zx front hubs for the 4 runner caliper conversion. All I need now is a fuel cell,fuel fittings,paint, and TIME. I plan to call in some favors that are long overdue. it would be nice to have the car running for the summer.{maybe the end of summer}


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5 years' date=' WOW. Only 7 years younger than Pete's project. :-D


- Joe[/quote']


:D Ouch!


I just talked to the guy at the body shop that's doing the frame machine and body work on the car (he loves the car and promises to make it PERFECT). His 81 Firebird project is 10 years old now, and not near completion. :) I'm not the only one!!! ;)


Happy Birthday HybridZ!

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Wow - hard to believe that it's been five years. I wonder if Ron Stoy will stop buy to wish us a Happy Birthday.


Thanks Dan for making this site a reality and thanks to all the admins for keeping it a great site.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY HybridZ !!!!!!!


Richard, Thanks for the laugh! Ron Stoy - what a tool!

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