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Does anybody know what today is?


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WOW, it's amazing how much information can be amassed in 5 years. Just imagine if everyone could contribute as much enthusiasm and help towards eachother, think of where we could be.


Thanks guys.


This has been such a great site: good usable information and a disciplined forum. This site is younger than my Z "jack stand racer" by about 4 years. The really dirty little secret about this site is it creates and encourages the "while I'm there I might as well......." syndrome. There is nothing about my project that hasn't been redone three times. CSB... great easy swap...Wow, here's a line about LT1 (damn good looking engine)....Oh Oh, that Ls1 engine mounts look simple and yep, that LM7 truck engine & transmission only has 19000 miles..... Whats that you say: $1500 with bill of sale... SOLD. I also collect all sorts of CV joints: lets do a 28zxT... Ok that's done. What's this "How to put in 300ZT CV joints.... hey, I've got one of those in that pic a part...... the beat goes on.


Thanks Hybridz for five great years. I'm looking forward to the next five, when I might be able to fire up my toy.



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10 years indeed!


This thread has been like a clock for me... the hands turn, but the face is invariant. For the younger guys a great deal has changed in 10 years. For the older people, who maybe have families and whatnot, the change has been conveyed in what they see in those around them. "Change" is now a political buzzword. But let me recite a few things that have not changed....


- 10 years ago, I was unsure of what to do with my Datsun V8 swap. I was unsure what level of performance is attainable, what amount of work is justified, what is the meaning of "good enough", and where lies the balance between reliability and performance. This remains the case today.


- 10 years ago, rear wheel drive was rare, sports cars of any kind were a dying breed, and a V8 meant a 3500+ lb behemoth. This remains the case today.


- 10 years ago, we were entering uncertain economic times. The best years seemed to be behind us, and a scary new century dawned with as much apprehension as promise. And this remains true today.


- 10 years ago we were all agog over the portents of new technology, but the basic tasks of maintenance, tuning and repair were all traditional mechanical arts, where experience and tenacity mattered far more than technical sophistication. And this is still true today.


- 10 years ago the traditional American muscle car dominated drag racing, and strangely enough, in most parts of the country this is still true today.



But here is one measure of truly great changes with time: today on HybridZ we have members who were born AFTER the advent of the World Wide Web! And this year's college graduates are probably the first cohort to have no living memory of life before the internet!

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