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Does anybody know what today is?

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While it's a bit premature to be celebrating the 15th anniversary (4 months left), I'd wager that my prediction from 2011 is now fulfilled: somewhere there must now be a HybridZ member who was not yet born when this site was created!


On a more somber note, there's a downside to our policy of assiduous searching and not rehashing old topics.  The Forum is starting to feel like a museum, like a great repository of knowledge that's both elegant and sterile.  Consider in particular the Gen I/II V8 subforum, which arguably started it all, when we split off from the "purist" discussion groups (does the term "purist" exist anymore?).  That place feels like a Medieval castle.


Back in the day, OBD-II was a newfangled curiosity, GM's LS engine series was obtainable only from rare insurance-company write-offs of the latest machinery wrapped around a tree by idiot "enthusiasts", and the hot setup for truly high power was the Big Block V8. Turbos were the domain of esoteric tinkering, and so many Datsun enthusiasts were veterans of first-generation Mustangs and Camaros.  Today, some of our finest craftsmen are IT admins and network programmers by day, thoroughly comfortable with engine-management software, and the most popular swap (judging by post-count) isn't the V8 at all, but some form of turbo-6.


Language changes, and with changing terms the inherent meaning doesn't remain invariant either.  Today the term "Hybrid" refers to a combination of electric motor and internal combustion engine.  I wonder how many people stumble onto this forum in hopes of hopping-up their Prius!


Hopefully the youngest teenager on this Forum will see this posting, and will be inspired to remark, with half-fawning half-mocking tone, "Grandfather, will you tell me again about how things were back in the 20th century?"

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Well, isn't it time now to be celebrating HybridZ's 18th birthday?  It's now old enough to vote, to be drafted, to be criminally charged as an adult.  It's not old enough to order its own parts, using its own credit card, with its own legally-valid signature.  How will it function with its newfound maturity?


On a more serious note - there must, there absolutely MUST be a HybridZ member somewhere out there, who wasn't yet born, when this site was started!  Pray tell, who are you?

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