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Does anybody know what today is?


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i too wish i could have been here from the beginning.... but-


thanks for EVERYTHING, HYBRIDZ!!!! if not for this site, my z would not sit in my driveway (hell i found it here) and i wouldn't have enough ideas in my heard that i'll probably never have enough money to execute them... :?


even the best things in life can be mixed blessings! anyway thank you hybridz and it's forefathers... and all those who have ever helped me in any way, or offered to, or whatever. if we all could spend our entire lives around a group of people such as we have here... :cool:

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Guest confuZed

Happy Birthday HybridZ. i'm more of a lurker/reader than a poster, but this site has givin me tons of info over the years and hope it does for many more.



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Guest zfan

WOW! 5 yrs already, boy does time fly! It is funny just to think of the characters that have come and gone and the ones that are still here.


Kinda of like raising children, one day they are running around pre school aged and the next thing you know they are grown and off to College.


Thanks to all who make this GREAT site what it is today. This is the only site I religiously hang out at!



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Guest the_dj

Honestly, I would have guessed it's been around longer than that. It's been around "since I can remember" and I want to think that I can remember more than 5 years. :twak::)


Edit: I just realized how old this thread is..... wow... just, wow... took me long enough.


Hey Dan,


Is there any way you can change my username here to "280Z28" ?


It's the name I use on all the forums I go to except this one, yet this is the one where it actually makes sense.





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It`s VERY hard to believe this site is almost "six" already. I think I`ts been almost a year since my last post.

BTW, I`m sorry for not posting for so long. Life has been running me in circles.

Having three kids, and starting two new businesses has seriously limited my time for the Z. I have been working on cylinder head porting and hope to send the car for paint within the next month or two.

That might just be the motivation that I need to get the car finished.



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