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Does anybody know what today is?


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Happy Birthday HybridZ,

Seven years of making friends; spreading the word; and educating the silent majority. What a great accomplishment.

Thanks to all the administrators that allow this website to be so creative and the many members within the Z community who write those threads that show the way. Thanks. 2007 has been a great year for my car; and Yes, both HybridZ and a Zcar can be addictive.


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Cheers to the board and all the 8 yr olds around since inception and all others! Must be dog years as the boards exploded with info and expertise in it's active life to date!


Special thanks to Dan for keeping the roof over our heads! (I see you got your package yesterday, enjoy the install!)

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Maybe I think too much, but our use of the term "hybrid" is correct. The so-called hybrids being created by the manufacturers are not real hybrids--they are dual-powered vehicles. Webster defines "hybrid" as "anything of mixed origin". We create a true hybrid when we install a Chevy, Ford, etc. drivetrain into our Datsuns/Nissans.

But now, at car cruises, when guys see the "Hybrid Z--When Stock Just Don't Cut It" decal on the rear-quarter window of my 240Z/406, they ask "Um...does this thing have an electric motor too?" Sheeeesh.

Had to get this off my chest. Keep up the good work, guys!

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It might be a couple days late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


If you ask my dad he will tell you that I live on this forum. :D


WOW! 9 years. I havn't even been a member for a year yet, but I have learned more about cars in general in that short time than I have over the last 18 years. Thank you all for keeping Hybridz going for all these years.

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