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Wheel Show! Post your pics of you wheels

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Wigenout-s30 - I am stealing your one side only cut out. It keeps the clean lines of the hood and still adds venting for the engine bay.


Not sure if you realize that that is a rare Datsun Competition Hood Scoop he has on his car, not just a stock hood with a vent cut in the side:




I wish somebody would reproduce them! I'd buy one in an instant.


Hey J. Soileau... look up two posts from yours. I don't think Drax is going to be happy with you laugh.gif



'73 240ZT

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what type of rims are those? what are you lowered on and was cutting or rolling fenders involved?


They are Rota RBR's I am running Tokico Springs and Tokico Blues for struts. Yes you have to cut front and rear fenders.

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My 240Z has XXR 521, 16x8 with Yokohama S Drive 225 50 16 tires. The car is lowered using Eibach springs, but uses stock struts and no modifications to the fenders. The wheels have a +20mm offset, but I use a 19mm billet spacer in the front and 11mm spacer in back. I am using ARP wheel studs. The wheels were quite reasonably priced at $475 for the set including shipping.

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