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Wheel Show! Post your pics of you wheels

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hey inZane, those rears in the pic do not look like a 9". I thought a nine inch rim whould sit flush with the fender. what size tires are in the pic?


whatever the size the car looks good and the stance in awsome.



also, for everyone else. On ebay now there are some staggered Rota Shakotans 8x15 and 9x15 for like $720. someone please buy these and put on car and tell me how they fit on stock fenders and what tire size. and pics of course

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Has anyone seen these wheels on a 240-280z? ROTA WHEEL SHAKOTAN 15X8 +0





this company has recently moved to the USA..... http://www.hayashiracingusa.com/ ..... i read it on JDM legends blog.... http://www.jdmlegends.com/blog/ ....not sure if this is a good thing in the long run, i think it totaly cool we can get them now if we have the funds, but it takes away from the exclusivity for those whom already own them.... dont get me wrong if anyone wants to donate a set to my project im down! :P lol....

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XXR 527 16x8.25 0 offset. No spacers tire size 205/50/16 I had to roll the lip because the tire rubbed the rear fender. No rubbing after lip was rolled. I run coilovers.

A few more pix on the XXR 527 thread

These are the wheels that I want!!!!!!! Im not yet running coilovers but there soon in my future.

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RBR Gun Metal 16X8. Stock fenders - unrolled. Have EMI camber plates in front giving plenty of room. Need to install EMI-style camber plates in rear to allow clearance at full bump. If anybody has a tip to allow the center caps to fit on the front - I'm listening-PM me.


Please resize pics. 3900x2600 is too large

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16x7 0 offset Konig Rewinds with 225/50ZR16 Dunlop Direzza Z1 Starspecs.


The tires are a bit tall, but i like the look, i just need to trim the front lower valence for clearance.


Fronts have a 5 Millimeter spacer to clear the 4 piston brake upgrade


Keep in mind, the car is an unfinished project.


Rear shot, the door isnt fully closed, but yes, its misaligned.






clearance between tire and valence, this is the drivers side, the passenger side actually touches...



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225/50/16 Kumos (cheap) all 4 corners. EMI camber plates in front with 3 degrees camber-plenty of room all the way around. Rears have no camber plates, but have them in a box to install-wheels would scrub on outside of fender at a good sized bump without them. I think a few degrees of camber will solve the problem as it moves top of the tire IN. Will get to it when I get car off jackstands on this infernal LS2 swap! Thanks for the compliment.

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15x8 -26 15x10 -26 225/50/15 all around.


No markings at all on the wheels, so not sure what brand, but look to be Enkei 92's? ZG flares aren't wide enough, got BAMF flares waiting for install one day.

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It's always been so hard to find affordable wheels for these cars. It's nice to see manufacturers stepping up.


Had lots of wheels over the years, but I think I like these ones the best so far.


14x6 and 14x9 watanabes


inzane, your car looks amazing and its nice to see it back on the ground.

what ever happened to the epsilons you had when I first saw your car?

those were gorgeous


my current set up.

15x9 centerlines, pokes out way more than i'd like but it should be fine after i work on my suspension and install the flares.

one thing at a time....

post-12159-075386700 1308264927_thumb.jpg

post-12159-012394000 1308264955_thumb.jpg

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