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Wheel Show! Post your pics of you wheels

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here is 2 pictures of my car


it has rota RB (hyper black) 17x9 in the front with(bfgoodrich) 235/40/17 tires and 17x9.5 in the rear with (nitto nt01) 255/40/17 tires. fenders are not rolled or anything . the coil springs are cut 2 inches in the front , and half an inch in the back.i love this setup and i think it is not worth it to cut the fenders in order to get more close to the ground lol .






i got more pics on flickr





post-19115-066039600 1304574084_thumb.jpg

post-19115-058527600 1304574093_thumb.jpg

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I agree 100%... that stance looks wicked! I think I just changed the direction I'm going with my car. I think I'm going to remove my ZG's and get wheels that will fit inside the fenders so I can put my sectioned struts/ Illumina's to better use.


Looks awesome drifter... :2thumbs:


When you decide to take off your flares, then you should sell it to me, so I can post up my 4 16x9.5 watannabe here lol :)

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Yeah I've seen these on hundreds of z's, except they were real ones :ph34r:


I find it difficult to believe you have seen the 'real' ones here in North America because of their cost. Did you mean in Japan? I can see more Z's having them there because the wheel is made there.

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Has anyone seen these wheels on a 240-280z? ROTA WHEEL SHAKOTAN 15X8 +0




Interesting, I may even be able to slip some 15x9's with some 225/50/15's on the back of my Zed since it is slightly flared. I would like to see these with solid silver centers, they would look very similar to the iconic Dematosa Mangusta wheels produced by Campagnolo.

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It's always been so hard to find affordable wheels for these cars. It's nice to see manufacturers stepping up.


Had lots of wheels over the years, but I think I like these ones the best so far.




14x6 and 14x9 watanabes

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