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Wheel Show! Post your pics of you wheels

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Yes, I was test fitting the 235 on the front with the other rear tire


Ok great, was hoping the tire installers didn't screw up lol.



When you get the car off jacks, could you get a front and rear 3/4 view of how the wheels/tires fit in the flares? I'd like to compare your 4in backspace to a 4.5in backspace from another member. Thanks!

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Hey guys. Long time no post. I thought I would give back and help those considering the XXR 513 route.


Here they are - XXR 513 16x8 ::: 205/50/16 Fuzion rubber ::: Tokico Spring + Shock combo. No rubbing as of yet.







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The Silver 5 spoke are 17 * 9 with a +35 offset, could do with something lower.



The other set are being tried on and are 17*9 with a +15 offset and just fit!




I am running the AZC coilover and brake kit.

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The First Set Are Rs Watanabe I Just Picked Up They Are 16x9.5 Rear Front Are 16x9 Bolt Pattern 4x114.3 And The Offset Rear -19 Front -13


And Next To It Is A 3 Pice Ssr Star Formula 16x8 Bolt Pattern Is 4x114.3

What tire size are you going to fit on the Watanable?

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Here are a couple pics of my 71. Also thought this might be a good place to see if anyone had some 15x9 or 15x10 wheels they might like to get rid of. I need some for my 275-35-r15 Hoosier autox tires.



Are these ZG flares, by any chance the extra wide ZG's in CF sold by a former member here?

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I messed around with my SSRs today to see if they would fit my new 240Z, I tell you what, there is no way I would ever go back to stock wheels! They look like freakin peg legs on my car in comparison!


Fortunately it looks like after a good 3" drop, the SSRs are gonna fit my 240Z pretty damn good.







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I can finally make a half-assed post in this thread :D







15x8 -12

Falken Ziex ZE512 205/50-15


I rolled the fenders and added a 1/4" spacer after those pics, but I think I need some 1" spacers...


(rears should be on in less than 2 weeks)

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Couldn't resist the new Volk TE37V. I'll post more when I get it on the ground.15x10 4" back spacing with 235/50-15 r888's front and rear. I had it there the other day but I'm working on changing to 3.90 gears this week before next sundays race.



You must post pics of the car on the ground!

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