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What ever happened to Jeromio?

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I was supposed to sell a center console armrest to mjlamberson but he kind of dissapeared.


Yea, not sure what's up with lamberson, might be summer vacation related. I don't think I have a phone number, wish I did.


Mario_82_ZXT hasn't been around, or maybe I'm just missing his posts.

MJ is really busy, and doesn't get on much anymore. I talked to him yesterday though. He posted a phone number in his part out thread.


I've seen Mario post within the last few days as well.

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Dudes, there are so many cool members that have dropped out of sight it's not funny. Sad to see many of them go, but that's life.



Seems to happen on every forum. Unfortunately, it makes quite a bigger impact when theres only about 100 regulars to begin with (another forum). :icon50:

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