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Ahhhhhhh, sooo much better! Darn flat tire, forcing me to buy new wheels AND tires.


The "before" wheels and tires (love those BMW jacks)



And after. ;)







The wheels are OZ Superleggera 17"x8" 40mm offset, at an advertised 16.8lbs each. Old tires were hard ass Michelin 205/60R15 (680 treadwear!!!!) New tires are Nexan N3000's (340 treadwear) 225/45R17, with 80-90% tread, some guy bought the tires and didn't like how they looked, so replaced them. New tires match the E36 stockers within less than 2% difference in circumference.


The old wheels will get some snows this fall!

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My wife's 1997 328iS sedan has been the best car we've owned in a long time... The interior has worn VERY well, and the car trips wonderfully... We had to replace wheel bearings in the rear, a radiator that was crack, and a leaking Vanos seal. I also had to replace the heater module (EBAY vendor repaired it for $50) and I've long since upgraded her stereo to a Kenwood headunit/Bluetooth module so she can drive and talk hands free... This car was bought 5 years ago with about 67K on the odometer and it now has well over 170K on it... We love it so much that we're dropping it off this thursday to have body damage done by a deer in January repaired on the car... The estimate was for $1200... The car probably isn't worth that, but it's so clean and straight, and runs so well, we're fixing it!


Once we buy her a new car (when she finally gets tired of this one) I'll use it for commuting. I've logged 32MPG on major trips, and she sees 27mpg around town.


Pete, we need pics of your new ride... You now are officially a eurocar snob... Don't talk it up to much or you'll be bannished from the cool kids club, like me! :lmao:



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Actually, that style of jack is fantastic, in my opinion. My Merkur XR4Ti had the same setup and it was totally solid. They basically lock into the body.


Best side of the road flat changing jack I've ever seen or used actually. You don't have to crawl around under the car to change a flat in the snow or mud.


The factory backed Subaru Rally Canada team used a similar idea as those rocker holes, only for jackstands instead of jacks. The slickest way I've seen to put a car on jackstands, jack up the front, insert stands into rocker holes, they self level, drop it fast and it's perfect every time... do the same with the rear and you've got the car on stands in seconds.


I think i am going to get a 2nd jack and modify it for my battery powered impact though, they are a bit slow going!

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I think i am going to get a 2nd jack and modify it for my battery powered impact though, they are a bit slow going!
The only problem with them. I thought about doing the same but couldn't decide on a good way to do it while retaining the stock crank. I guess modifying the crank to fit whatever adaptive piece you use for the jackside would work.
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There is also a Paddle doo-hickey that plugs into that jack port that you can use with a regular floor jack, jack stands etc. Saw it in the “101 performance projects for your BMW 3 series!” book and knew I had to have on, ordered one before I bought my E-36! :shock:


Picture courtesy of courtesy Motorbooks workshop, 101 performance projects for your BMW 3 series 1982-2000


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