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Subaru WRX STi R180 Side Axles

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Sounds simple, but...


1. in a 240z, when you also change to a 1983 280zx 5-speed; do you use the 240z driveshaft or the 280zx driveshaft?


2. oil and LSD lube; total is 1 quart, how much of each, and any particular oil


3. presumably when changing output flanges and input flanges one needs new seals; would these just be the ones I could get from a Subaru dealer


Thanks (and apologies for the simple, and possibly repeated, questions)


The drive shafts are the same. We use the 4-speed drive shaft with the 83 5-speed and the Subaru LSD.


The oil quantity required is approximately 1 quart. Fill the LSD until oil runs out from the fill plug. If you use GL-5 and thje LSD modifers 1 bottle is enoung and is only a few ounces of oil. Add it first and then fill with the GL-5 until full.


Yes, strictly speaking you should change the seals every time the shafts come out. However, many people get away without doing this. If you want to change the seals do it. It is easy and low cost. You can use the Subaru seals or the Datsun seals, they are the same.

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I'm afraid that you guys are making this too complicated. Here is how the swap goes. Your Subaru rearend (call it whatever you like) is relatively new. The seals are probably fine. The rear cover i

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1 hour ago, Derek said:

Those look like a pretty good option. I'm at the beginning stages of looking at the Subaru R180 and this seems like a good way to go.


Thanks for posting this.



I know who makes these hes local to me and he does good work. Support smaller local Datsun Parts suppliers who are hobbiest just like you and I. 


p.s. we need to talk me and you

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3 hours ago, gearhead240 said:

John, do you still have these available? I need them for an LS/T56/4.44 swap.





Not clear who you're talking to.  There are 16 pages in the thread.  John Coffey died several years ago, but had already given the STI axle business over to Wolf Creek Racing before then.


p.s. the R180 is not really strong enough for what you have.  



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