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RIPS RB30 runs 7.56 at Import Allstars


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What a weekend we've just had at Import Allstars. :D


The track was "reasonable" and we started off gently, 7.91, our first 7 in the FED.


During the day I got a little braver although the car was still all over the place, we ran 7.88, 7.81, 7.64 and 7.56, to say we are all over the moon would be an understatement especially as I had to bail early on the 7.56 due to heading for the wall, the mph was low at just 169 (would have expected 180+ on a 7.5) so things are looking very good indeed.


The trans behaived itself and it "seems" to be ok now, a few more runs will confirm for sure its all sorted.


The crash crew at around 1/2 track were saying I came past them haizing the tyres which was what was causing the drift action from 1/2 track, not a nice feeling but I managed to keep my foot hard up it for at least 2 of the runs.


I'm still on the old tyres I got with the car and the track definatly didn't feel as good as last weekends comp meeting but we are learning quite quickly and we are more than happy to have a 7.5 in the bag with just 11 or 12 runs under our belts.


Big thanks to all my sponsers and supporters, without you all it wouldn't be possible,


Here's a link to some video's and the photographers there said they got some real good shots so no dought they will turn up in a few days,








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Well done to you and the team :)


So what is the plan with the FED - take out all the class records etc and just show how strong the RB engines are?


Would love to see a video of the FED on a better strip like the ones in OZ - is that in the future?

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