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My 240 rb26 build


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I usually work on the weekends too, maybe when it cools down some I'd go.
Motors fine at the moment it was 713@24 on pump gas.

I couldn't keep the T3 mount stable enough, so i built a grenade proof one.

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Hoods fine. it does sit up in the front because i don't run the hood spring cause my intercooler is all in the way but thats not the hoods fault. It doesn't have the ledges on the side of the hood like the OEM one does so the gaps look larger than stock but they aren't. 

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Very nice. Which axles are you running for your later diff? And what we're you doing with that lathe

I used the lathe to cut the axle down for the Quife install. With the axles being hardened steel a bandsaw isn't gonna do it.

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