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Itemized List of Weights (for the purpose of weight reduction)

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Is there some reason your "table" doesn't list O.E.M. parts and weights next to the weight of the part(s) you replaced them with? This isn't a table, it's a series of lists that one must read through and struggle with to extract any meaningful information. I will do this and post a spreadsheet that actually show a "table" of comparisons so that one can actually use it at a glance.


Well, to answer your question as honestly as I can: At the time that I started it I didn't realize just what it would turn into. If I knew how to program for spreadsheet, maybe I would have thought to start on a different platform.


As to why I have not changed it or updated it: After a few weeks the post can not be changed. I can't add to it or alter it in any way.


I thought about changing it so that I can have it show a table that's hosted on another server. I even wrote the HTML code and posted it to the internet. I asked a moderater to change it for me. I tested my code in a temp posting here and made it work, set him the code. He said he chabged it for me I can't see any change. So, this became an abandoned topic on my part.


You're welcome to use what I posted in any way you like. Just try to avoid the pitfalls I fell into.

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To bump this thread...

I recently tore out a bunch of items from my 78 280z and decided to weigh them all. All weights are within 0.2lbs.


Triple Webers w/ Cannon manifold - 28.4

Dash w/ glovebox + harness/gauges - 30.6

Quarter window plastic x2 - 1.4

Dash cowl piece - 1.2

Console w/ armrest cover - 4.6

Toolbox area 90° carpet holder - 1.2

Sunvisors x2 - 1.4

A pillar covers x2 - 0.2

Rear view mirror - 0.6

Seat belt buckles x2 - 1.2

Lower quarter window covers (speaker holes) x2 - 1

Ashtray - 0.2

Maplight/Vent control cover - 1.2

Ashtray sliding cover - 0.6

Footwell plastic covers x2/lower glove box plastic - 1

Gear shift lever w/ knob and trim - 1.2

Door panel w/ armrest, window knob, handle cover x2 - 12

Upper/lower steering column covers - 0.4

Dash cap - 1.4

Hood w/ vents - 39.4

280z tail light x2 - 3.6

Tail light cover x2 - 1.6

Fuel reservoir tank - 4

EFI harness - 4

Washer fluid reservoir - 0.6

Bosch ignition coil - 1.8

Relays + cover from pass. side engine bay - 1.8

EFI module - 2.4

HVAC controls - 3.8

Defrost vent x2 - 0.4

Dome light cover - 0.8

Door sills x2 - 1

Interior tail light panel - 1.8

Spare tire well area - 14.6

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On 8/24/2019 at 9:43 AM, Gollum said:

Nice! I'd say that should get cross posted here, but it got moved to the FAQ section, which can't be posted in :-( 






 I moved it to the FAQ.  I tried to keep it here too but couldn't get that to work.



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Digital fish scale. 600lbs capacity. Assume +-5% error or to within nearest pound, whichever is greater. 

R200 open diff, no oil, with cover, no stub axles, including front yoke: 70


R180 from Subaru STI w/ helical LSD, no oil or stub axles, with cover and front yoke: 56


280z halfshafts (drive axles), with diff stub axles attached, left and right: 31


280z front diff mount: 3.1 

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More to add… weights in lbs. from a series one 240z.

50-lb kitchen scale. Accurate to 4oz


OEM 240z genuine Nissan windshield: 25

polycarbonate windshield cut-to-size: 11

Series one “bench” oem sheet metal behind seats (no storage cubbies): 7

Pedal assembly and steering wheel mount: 7

sway bar w/o links or mounts: 11



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@JMortensen yessir. 1/4” front (rules call out 6mm). 1/8”/3mm everywhere else. 

i have more weights. Just need to dig up old photos of my scale with stuff on it. 

clark, looking forward to your weights as well. This stuff helps determine where the time and money should be spent. 

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