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  1. Finally sprayed my Z

    That's really nice work! And you're right, it's a lot of $$$, even if you do the work yourself. Hint** Don't add up your receipts.
  2. I first converted to HID bulbs and ballasts in Hella housings, but I was disgusted by the poor quality of the electronics. The best of them only lasted a few months before blowing out. I took a chance on some LED bulbs, and they've lasted since February of 2015. I bought the New Brights All-in-One LED Headlight" off Amazon for around sixty bucks. I did have to cut out the back of the headlight buckets to make space for the fans. I sealed up the holes in the buckets with silicone sealant and a pair of tuna cans, then painted the whole thing black so it's inconspicuous. After thirty months they are still working well, but they do flicker from time to time. They are supposed to have a five year warranty, so I'll try that out and see if they'll honor their word. The headlight switch that used to get very warm is now completely cool and I've stopped blowing fuses, so I'm very happy with the LEDs on that front. The light throw on low beam is better than stock bulbs, is about the same as halogen, and isn't as good as HIDs. However, they work 100% of the time and they don't make my car burn down, so to me that is a win! On high beam the focus does not change like it does on HID or halogen. An additional LED illuminates at a different focal distance, supposedly shining through the "high beam" areas of the lens. It's better than just the low beams, but not as good as having a dedicated, higher-powered filament. One of those dedicated LED lenses like they make for Jeeps might work better, but I can't get over the looks of them. I'll probably try a different set of bulbs soon and see if they have a better high beam now.
  3. Hmm... isn't it traditional to make a tube frame first, and THEN construct a body for it? Looks like you did it the other way around! Much more difficult that way - like going through the tail pipe to do a valve job. I thought I had it bad when the "repaired" frame rail beneath my battery turned out to have been fixed with chewing gum and aluminum foil. You've got a much bigger job, and although I don't envy your task, I do admire your work.
  4. Nice! Is this a new design for Techno Toy? Didn't they used to be made of square tubing?
  5. S30 Hood Release Maintenance

    Thanks for the write-up, Phantom, as well as the valuable reminder! I'm going to grease my hood latch this evening, just in case.
  6. Texans, help me out.

    I used to live in Dallas, and the only inspection techs I had trouble with were the less experienced ones who crapped themselves when the picture that popped up on their monitor didn't match what was in the engine bay. I finally just printed out a copy of the "25 years and older" rule and kept it in the glovebox. As a side note, the DMV workers in Atlanta make the ones in Dallas look like rocket scientists. They could not for the life of them figure out how to register a 42 year old car. They tried to value my $3,000 car at $15,000, then sent me home with the wrong set of license plates. Bah! Endless idiocy.
  7. I seriously doubt you'll find anything, but it never hurts to ask. Weren't those manufactured by Epsilon? I once had a set of three piece OZ Racing wheels that constantly leaked. A set of gaskets and non-reusable fasteners was more money than I could afford, so I just filled them up every couple of days. It was a grand pain in the arse. Good luck!
  8. Repair solution for bad turn signal switch

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've had the stock switch apart a half dozen times but it still doesn't work right. Great to know there's a better way to fix it!
  9. New Fiberglass Door Panels

    I dunno. Compared to my current, warped-to-hell door panels, they don't look too bad!
  10. Smart Watch instead of Dumb clock?

    Keep in mind that your photoshop isn't quite proportional. The area inside the hole for a stock Z clock is around 3.125" in diameter, and the display diameter of a Gear 2 is only 1.2". I think that would be too small to be practical. Instead, you may wish to look at the 2.8" touch screens for the Raspberry Pi. They're REALLY cheap. (Link Here). Instead of putting it in the housing of a gauge, you might consider holding it in place using the stock points. This way, you get less bezel and more screen. I would also strongly recommend swapping gauge locations and putting your creation into the oil pressure/temp gauge hole instead. The less distance your eye has to travel to see the display, the less chance you'll have of crashing into something. **Correction made to size of clock hole
  11. Man, that made one hell of a difference, didn't it? Sounds more European and less boy racer to my ears.
  12. 280Z Restomod Progress

    You've done a remarkable job! It must feel awesome to drive around in the car of your dreams.
  13. Are the front control arms still available? I'm rebuilding my front suspension and REALLY don't want to spend the weekend bashing out the old bushings and ball joints!
  14. 280Z Restomod Progress

    I'm gobsmacked by how lovely that car is. It's nice to see someone giving one of these cars the top-notch treatment it deserves!
  15. I know this isn't the answer you're looking for, but I think the best, fastest, and ultimately the cheapest solution to your problem is to go on eBay or Craigslist and buy one from someone with a parts car. As you've said, the hazard switch is far more than a simple switch, and substituting anything else might be more of a challenge than it's worth. Maybe another Datsun product would interchange? 210? 510? Truck? As someone wiser than I once said, "I don't have a solution for you, but I admire your problem!"
  16. Upper window molding

    Are you looking for the outside door window squeegee or the foam part that glues above the window frame? Their description is a little ambiguous to me.
  17. Blower Motor Upgrade (Kia Sportage)

    ...or buy a brand new one for $40 from Car parts.com?
  18. Leather dashboard cover...anyone??

    I saw those, but I have my doubts. With a little heat and some premium leather glue it might end up looking pretty good at first, but I'll bet my teeth that the stitching will start coming apart if it's exposed to sunlight over any period of time.
  19. Anyone used LED Headlights before?

    I'm about to find out for myself. My HID kit took a dump this week and stranded me at a gas station until the sun came up enough for me to drive to work. I used the time productively to order an LED kit off Amazon. I'm pretty sure I'll end up having to bump out the end of the headlight nacelle to make room for the fan, but considering how many HID kits I've burned through in the past five years, I'm more than willing to do a little fabrication in exchange for some reliability.
  20. Blower Motor Upgrade (Kia Sportage)

    This is particularly timely information, since I was going to remove the blower this weekend anyway to pull out a dried leaf that steadfastly refuses to get chewed up and blown through the pipes. Thanks!
  21. New kid from PA. Fairlady Z owner.

    Don't bring a flashlight into the dark side of Z, 'cause that will only reveal depressing amounts of rust!
  22. 1st Gen Civic 8 K plus . CRAZY

    Man, he wasn't kidding when he said "immaculate". That thing's beautiful!
  23. Sometimes it just catches up with you

    One of the first thing I did when I got the new car was replace every stinkin' incandescent bulb on the thing. The fuse that was previously hot enough to liquefy the fuse block is now cool as the proverbial cucumber. (Not to mention that HID bulbs in euro-spec Hella housings throw well-controlled light like you wouldn't believe!) Seriously. Go LED and never look back.
  24. First Z Car

    Howdy, Chubbs! Welcome to our crazy little corner of the universe. Seeing your new Z made me chuckle a bit, because it looks so much like mine, only blue instead of red. I bought mine a little over a month ago, and like you I'm working through the bugs. There have been surprisingly few so far, and they've been easy fixes. At first I wanted to give it a paint job, but I've grown fond of the "rat-rod" look. An ugly body with a heart of gold! I love the way your M3 hunches over the wheels like it's ready to pounce. That model is one of my favorites, and yours looks like a beauty. My "real" car is an e90 335i, but I'm selling it as soon as I can to free up space in the driveway. Trading a modern, fast, powerful, comfortable BMW for a 41 year old Datsun probably wasn't the most practical thing to do, but that's the way these cars are - they get under your skin. They're simple, reliable, involving cars that make you feel more special than if you were driving something far more expensive. Don't worry about being a noob to Zs! Most of the folks on here will be happy to help you through any difficulties. One of the great things about these cars, especially the early ones, is that they're simple as dirt and easy to fix, and the solution to any possible problem you might have will be very well documented by this point. If you can't figure something out, don't be afraid to ask questions. A word of warning: There are a few individuals on this site who will attempt to berate you for asking the "wrong" questions. Feel free to ignore them, because they're in the minority. Most of us are more than happy to help. Although these cars are mechanically simple, there are some simple issues which defy conventional solutions until you know the secret. I envy you, my friend, for the journey you're starting out on! I hope you find it as rewarding as I have.
  25. First Z Car

    Amen to that, brother. I've been shopping for a wheel/tire combo to replace the 14's on my car, and was thinking that 16's were as large as I wanted to go. Anything larger looks like wagon wheels, to me. But it's becoming increasingly apparent that if I don't want to spend a mountain of cash (or roll on bargain-basement tires) I'm going to have to change my outlook on things. 17's are apparently where it's at, these days.