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  1. What is the failure mode? I would like to see some pics of one of these.
  2. Early (rusted out) 260Z part out.

    Sounds good, let me know.
  3. Early (rusted out) 260Z part out.

    Are the interior plastic panel for the rear quarters available?
  4. Great illustration and explanation of the rubber/poly TC rob bushings! Thanks
  5. Wow that is stout. Yeah that should do it! Great work as always and thanks for sharing.
  6. SOLD.

    PM Incoming
  7. Can not send PMs

    When I try to compose a new message, it allows me to add a User, add a Subject, Attach files. But it will not allow me to type a message. Please help.
  8. LS1 A/C

    Litman, impressive my friend. Your car is SO clean. I thought that the OEM compressor was variable displacement and was not compatible with the vintage air. Perhaps I was mistaken. I went to the Sanden because it is slightly smaller and I was fighting for fractions of an inch.
  9. Speed Forme Kit

    ..... I bought their flares! Way over priced but I am stoked.
  10. TUCKED! Great work on those tubes man. Your car looks great.
  11. I am interested in cost for axles and diff cover shipped to 94928.
  12. LS1 A/C

    I got a vintage air Mini II, it fits behind the dash pretty easily. The plumbing to a bulkhead took a little work and I had to purchase a few fittings to figure out what fit. I used a vintage air condenser in front of my radiator support, it is a 12"x20". For my compressor I ordered a Sanden/Vintage Air unit, after messing around with a vintage air F-body low mount, I ended up designing a building my own. Since my swap position is unique(ish) and I wanted a particular position. I just fabbed my own. All and all it took a little doing, but I am happy with the install. Of course, my car isn't running so I have no idea how it performs.
  13. You don't happen to have any more axles for sale do you?
  14. Nice work! How do you like the tanks inc efi conversion? I am considering doing one with their kit, or ricks, or Aeromotive... or vaporwox... Having a hard time picking one.
  15. Yeah, I think maybe it's the flare that makes the wheel arch look more centered. Apex do seem nice. TTT makes a good product too.
  16. MEATS! That looks awesome! Holy heck that is a lot of tire. The fit is perfect for your setup. What arms are you using? Look like wheel center line is moved back slightly.
  17. That stitch welding is some of the best I have ever seen. Great work. I am inspired to slow down a bit, stay patient, and measure them all out.
  18. Drive shaft shop CV conversion doesn't fit!

    Probably a silly question, but can you just flip the bolts? So the nuts are on the other side?
  19. That sucks man. Of course the thread gets boogerd the very last time it comes apart... Figures. Getting a threadsert in dead straight is not easy. The car is looking great. Keep it up.
  20. vintage air drain hose

    Here is a better photo. In the box there should be a short length of nylon tubing that pushes on the barb fitting, this then has to be routed outside the car, and has to be sloped downward (gravity drain). I am waiting for my replacement to come to figure out exactly where I will route it.
  21. vintage air drain hose

    Hey man, my apologies. I ended up having to send that evaporator back (it was the wrong unit). I should have it back next week. Here is an image I found on google, I added an arrow to the drain location. If you take a pic of the bottom of yours I can point it out.
  22. Welcome to HybridZ. I would start by reading up on the FAQ's and the brake options people have worked through in the past. I myself was going to do an EVO Brembo swap, until I really started looking deeper into it. The are huge and heavy and somewhat difficult to swap (custom parts, which need to be designed and built to a level you will trust your life to). So personally, I made the decision dollars for dollars, it's probably better at the end of the day to just head down one of the tried and true paths, with know pro's and con's. You will probably save money just buying someones kit. However that said, if you have your heart set on it, go for it! HybridZ is all about exploring options and making something new.

    Amazon? They sell everything.