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  1. LLave

    Rota RB/RB-R, 4x114.3, 17", Z-Offset Wheels

    Matt is the man. I got a few parts from him and intend on having him put together a set of wheels for me.
  2. LLave

    Hood bonding problem

    Cool color. How about flex additive like they use for modern bumpers?
  3. LLave

    72 Kgc10 GTX build tread

    What an amazing car! Great work.
  4. Great work! I am well versed in just how tight of a fit that is for the compressor. You got that tucked way in there.
  5. LLave

    Broken 4340 Stub Axle threads

    Good point. I just looked, the contact information is right on their website: http://www.chequeredflagracing.net/HOME.html Joseph Siam <[email protected]> Chequered Flag Racing .net Joseph P. Siam 9833 Deering Ave unit I Chatsworth Ca 91311 818 350 6222
  6. LLave

    Broken 4340 Stub Axle threads

    I think we should all hold from speculating until the vendor has had a chance to respond. I will PM you the contact information I have for Joe at Chequered Flag.
  7. Chunky! That's awesome. I may have to hit up Jongbloed for a set of wheels.
  8. Looks fantastic. What size tires did you go with?
  9. LLave

    78 280Z LS3 Project

    Looks great. Who's shift boot is that? Hurst? Regarding the high beam indicator light, I wonder if you could add a diode somewhere to prevent back feeding.
  10. LLave

    Wanted: R200 Finned Diff Cover

    Both Whitehead Performance and Arizona Z Car said that they had plans to make these covers in the future. That would be great. These things are hard to find!
  11. Looking for a R200 finned diff cover. I told myself I didn't need one... But I really want one.
  12. I am considering going 5 Lug. Wheel options are a big consideration. What are some good 5-lug wheel options for a 240Z with flares?
  13. LLave

    S30 Misc. Parts, inc. LS2 Water Pump

    I will take the lugs. Just noticed the above. I will take them on standby.
  14. LLave

    Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    The dash issue is a tough one. You could just use the good condition 260z dash, the car will be a driver and is not original anyway. But it just doesn't feel right does it? Every time you get in the car you will notice it. A good condition RHD 260z dash should fetch a pretty good price. Then again, finding a good condition RHD 240z dash may be very difficult. Really the question is, what feels right to you.
  15. LLave

    As rear cross member mounting question

    Pictures would help.
  16. LLave

    240Z VQ37HR Swap

    Yeah, that's it. What a great build. Thanks for sharing, it is really inspiring.
  17. LLave

    240Z VQ37HR Swap

    looks amazing! I just realized today, I follow you on Instagram.
  18. That looks great. I did something similar recently with my 4 bolt BC's. Just not as nice looking. Hah.
  19. I dig it. Saturated non-metallics will have that old school vibe. You could add a stand alone relay right next to the inertia switch without adding much wire. Circuited something like this sketch. The relay would be energized anytime the car is running and the inertia switch is closed, using a continuous duty relay, this is problem at all. If the inertial switch is tripped, it will break the relay. The PDM is still feeding power, but the relay has interrupted it. Most quality relays are continuous duty, so finding a 30A or 50A should be easy and inexpensive. Of course... I am an amateur and know just enough to get into trouble. Just a thought, the .02 cents, I am sure it will work either way.
  20. I have the same feelings. Looks like a great product, if it works as they say I will be very pleased. I love that it is a small company. However their customer service has been down right terrible. Months and months have gone by, and now I see they are advertising on their web site that they can ship out new orders in two weeks. Hey what about the people who's money you already have? When do they get working product? Very frustrating. Back on topic. Man I dig those wheels! I think you nailed the vintage motorsport look. What color will the car be when complete? I was reading back up a bit. You may want to consider revising the inertia switch wiring. Not to be chicken little here, but if one is underrated to handle the switching capacity for your fuel pump, you probably should add a relay, let the inertia switch trigger the relay and interrupt the fuel pump power. The reason that parallel contacts to increase load capacity is not great practice is that, if one of the switches trips or fails, the other will take the full load and be overloaded immediately. If it is close to capacity, I wouldn't worry, but it if is double, I would consider revising.
  21. LLave


    How did you like this product?
  22. LLave

    Wanted: R200 Finned Diff Cover

    Thanks for the info guys. I already have the AZC transverse link. It does look great. If I can't find a long nose cover I may explore the adaptation of the short.
  23. LLave

    Wanted: R200 Finned Diff Cover

    I have considered this rout. How far off are the mustache bar bolts?
  24. Not to hijack, but how about good Bay Area body shops? Anyone have positive experience locally?