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  1. LLave


    How did you like this product?
  2. Looking for a R200 finned diff cover. I told myself I didn't need one... But I really want one.
  3. LLave

    Wanted: R200 Finned Diff Cover

    Thanks for the info guys. I already have the AZC transverse link. It does look great. If I can't find a long nose cover I may explore the adaptation of the short.
  4. LLave

    Wanted: R200 Finned Diff Cover

    I have considered this rout. How far off are the mustache bar bolts?
  5. Not to hijack, but how about good Bay Area body shops? Anyone have positive experience locally?
  6. Zero help to you, but shout out to a fellow Bay Area Datsun guy!
  7. LLave

    Dash cap removal

    I haven't taken mine out in a while, but I don't think there are any bolts that a dash cap would cover. Pics? Download the Factory Service Manual and double check the bolt locations.
  8. LLave

    Paul Newman Championship Racecar on Sale!

    I had the same thought. I think it might be.
  9. This. Seriously. That is probably the most time and cost effective way to go. I want it!
  10. This build is amazing. It is really something else. I commend you.
  11. LLave

    JTR SBC Kit Positioning Help

    For sure. That is a good lesson worth repeating. Dry fit your parts before install. Screw those fasteners together finger tight, make sure it all fits, before you are on your back wresting a dangling engine. Glad you got it all worked out.
  12. I am considering adding a oil cooler to my build. Looking for some data/feedback. Who runs a cooler? Who has an oil temp problem and should run one?
  13. That is like... the opposite of hybridz.
  14. I am running the C6 LS2 pan, because it was lower, but also it has quite a bit more baffling than the F-body pan. My car will be mostly street use. I get the sens I probably wont need one. It just seems easier it put in now rather than add later and I want my car to be as bullet proof as possible. At the same time, not create problems I don't have. Lord knows I have enough real problems.
  15. Here is where to start: What transmission are you running? How is it geared? What rear gear ratio do you currently have? What size rear tires? Then use this handy calculator http://www.tremec.com/calculadora.php The simplest way to adjust cursing RPM is going to be rear gears. You will trade off acceleration, but you gears may already be too short. IDK. I believe factory ratios in R180 (and R200 as well) go as numerically low as 3.30ish. Here is a list: If you are able to pull of a motor swap, I am certain you can figure this out.
  16. Do you need one? I have a used R200 mustache bar, with some brand new energy suspension bushings in it. I am not going to use it.
  17. LLave

    Removing auto trans from seized motor

    How seized? I would pull the spark plugs and spray a ton of PB blaster in there, maybe you can break it free. If it is mechanically locked up. I have no idea.... Get creative. Pull everything apart. Take the crank out with the converter on it.
  18. LLave

    Reviving #5837.

    If it is not structurally damaged and just a pin hole, JB weld is really not a bad idea. Clean the area well, scuff it up, JB weld. Done. If it is on the bottom, you may have to drain to keep oil out of the epoxy.
  19. Get after it buddy!
  20. LLave

    Fuel tank cleaning

    I just saw a video clip of a guy who welded some supports to a rototiller and strapped his tank to it. It was brilliant. I filled mine with BBs and screws, duct taped it shut and shook it for a while. Worked pretty well.
  21. LLave

    2JZ/RB26 in 240/260 = Nose-Heavy?

    Well... How much do those weight? How much does an L series way?
  22. It is really the top frame rail of the front of the car. No idea what is is actually called. Many people (me included) add a bar from the end of the rocker up diagonal to that frame to supplement it.
  23. I am starting to feel like maybe I made a mistake going all poly everything.
  24. GM Atlas Motors, I5 or I6. They are awesome and way under utilized. https://www.hotrod.com/articles/ccrp-1108-turbocharged-vortec-inline-six/
  25. I built mine with universal poly bushings, my backup plan is to source replacement bushings in rubber or something softer than poly. Perhaps energy suspension hyperflex in the 70a durometer flavor. http://energysuspension.com/universal-products/link-flange-type-bushings-universal-mounts-isolators.html