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  1. z240

    Shifting Steering Rack

    The early and late racks (roughly 240 and 280) had a different width to the flanges on the left side. You likely have a 280 (wide) flange rack and a narrow set of 240 bushings in there. Look at energy suspension web site to get the PN's of the two bushings. 10101 and 10102. ?
  2. z240

    75-76 Hazard switch

    i can find you a hazard switch for your 75. send me a email to [email protected] Seems I have both the 4x2 later 77/78 connector and the early 3x3 connector style. Both are 7 active pins.
  3. z240

    Another clunk post - ugh

    Yes, SIr Richard, 'tis I. Hmmmm, if I rent a U-haul, fill all my rain barrels with premium to sell at the hill, I could probably pay for my hotels. I don't need a lid on those barrels, do I?
  4. z240

    Another clunk post - ugh

    Welcome to the club. It's slop in the CV internal splines. Apparently this is designed slop for off road or some such. There have been threads somewhere complaining bitterly about this. Drive shaft shop and others have better no-slop CV solutions Anybody want my sloppy seconds? I went back to U-joints....
  5. z240

    Transmission Mount Liquid Urethane

    They are the poly ones. They worked well, but, did get more engine vibration than I liked. I currently run only one on right side, and a stocker on the left, or is it the other way around.. Whichever one is under compression when the engine torques over. I had two sets though, never used the other set, it's new. I've used the aftermarket stock replacement engine mounts. They are fine, but watch out. The ones I got had SAE welded nuts instead of the stock M8. And the little metal nub that locates in the little hole on the engine mount is in the wrong place or too large or both. Other than that, they are the right size....
  6. z240

    Transmission Mount Liquid Urethane

    I've been on this path for a while as well. Very interested to find out how well that potted in place transmount holds up. I have a set of this McKinney motor mounts if you want them. PM me.
  7. I believe I have a set of 78 pedals as well as earlier ones. Let me see if I can identify the differences.
  8. I think I have a 280 pedal box that will work for you. Contact me at [email protected]
  9. That is one HARD rail to bend. Would be interested to understand how that happened. I have a couple of those, I can send you one. PM me or email to [email protected]
  10. z240

    Diff Component ID Help Needed

    I have a couple of these side plates from scrapping a few old diffs. Send me a note to [email protected] and we can arrange something.
  11. z240

    Need a gas cap for a '70

    I'll happily sell you the same locking cap (the one that MSA is out of) without the on-car modified ring if you want one.
  12. z240

    Need a gas cap for a '70

    Just a comment about that BMW cap that MSA sells (well, might sell, but they are out of them apparently). First, they don't actually lock the cap in place. Yes you put it on just fine and turn the key successfully, but the cap is not locked on. You have to add a little weld bead or screw or something at the right spot to make a "thing" that the protruding tang on the cap can hit against to actually lock. Second they don't work at all on the smaller 77-78 filler necks. All that said, I have some modified locking rings and a couple of these lockable caps left if you want one. PM me or send an email to [email protected] Note that modifying the 260/280 filler neck requires removing it from the car as unlike the 240's, the locking ring part is part of the metal filler neck. Here is the thread about it http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/topic/55809-locking-gas-cap-solution-for-s30-that-works/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-501189
  13. z240

    Playing with fire

    The holes might not hurt the bending strength much, but removing the "I-beam" top and bottom flange sure as hell will. Stop. Please...
  14. How great to have that resource to make those bushings. Great work! Can you tell us if he is casting them or machining them from a larger piece? BTW, the ES poly bushings fit the 73 and later crossmember (Item 24 in the diagram) with the horizontal mounting bolts.
  15. z240

    WTB R200 pinion flange

    Edited. Actually don't have one in the size you mention. sorry.