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  1. I think I have a 280 pedal box that will work for you. Contact me at z240@shaw.ca
  2. That is one HARD rail to bend. Would be interested to understand how that happened. I have a couple of those, I can send you one. PM me or email to z240@shaw.ca
  3. Diff Component ID Help Needed

    I have a couple of these side plates from scrapping a few old diffs. Send me a note to z240@shaw.ca and we can arrange something.
  4. Need a gas cap for a '70

    I'll happily sell you the same locking cap (the one that MSA is out of) without the on-car modified ring if you want one.
  5. Need a gas cap for a '70

    Just a comment about that BMW cap that MSA sells (well, might sell, but they are out of them apparently). First, they don't actually lock the cap in place. Yes you put it on just fine and turn the key successfully, but the cap is not locked on. You have to add a little weld bead or screw or something at the right spot to make a "thing" that the protruding tang on the cap can hit against to actually lock. Second they don't work at all on the smaller 77-78 filler necks. All that said, I have some modified locking rings and a couple of these lockable caps left if you want one. PM me or send an email to z240@shaw.ca. Note that modifying the 260/280 filler neck requires removing it from the car as unlike the 240's, the locking ring part is part of the metal filler neck. Here is the thread about it http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/topic/55809-locking-gas-cap-solution-for-s30-that-works/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-501189
  6. Playing with fire

    The holes might not hurt the bending strength much, but removing the "I-beam" top and bottom flange sure as hell will. Stop. Please...
  7. How great to have that resource to make those bushings. Great work! Can you tell us if he is casting them or machining them from a larger piece? BTW, the ES poly bushings fit the 73 and later crossmember (Item 24 in the diagram) with the horizontal mounting bolts.
  8. WTB R200 pinion flange

    Edited. Actually don't have one in the size you mention. sorry.
  9. I have a R200 pinion input flange for you B-A-280. send me a note to z240@shaw.ca
  10. vintage air drain hose

    No problem. Just keep a wet vac in the trunk and suck your carpets dry every couple of days. I drilled a hole in the tunnel and ran the hose through there with about 1" sticking out under the car. Just make sure the hose always runs downhill.
  11. The thing on the plenum is marked as a "sequential blow off valve". No brand name. Looks like it is an afterthought. Pretty scuzzy. there are no other devices on the plenum
  12. where to get OEM parts

    The parts manager at Lynchburg Nissan, Riley Curtis is bending over backwards for people looking for OEM parts. On FB, search for "Riley LynchburgNissan", he's watching all the time. He has helped me and many other immensely.
  13. WTB auxiliary air control valve

    I believe the best bolt in replacement is from a Z31 VG motor. Almost all the old Z/Zx AAR are likely to be less then perfectly functional
  14. WTB: 240Z strut housing - Front Right - FOUND!

    If no one closer responds I have one (either side!) for you up here in Western Canada. Postal rates to the US are cheap. I wish the reverse was true.... PM me or z240@shaw.ca
  15. I have an ancient, though undeniably cool, CarTech carb blowthrough Turbp system available. It is designed for use with triple side drafts, not included! I was going to hang it on the wall and say "hey look what 30 year old turbo crap looks like !" but I realized that was silly. Better someone else hang it on their wall. No idea what this stuff is worth, but due to rarity, and the fact that I have to state a price, I'm going to toss out a crazy number like $1000 USD. I am taking offers and will accept the highest reasonable bid. This stuff is heavy, especially the turbo/exhaust manifold. Shipping is on the buyer of course. It is all located in Western Canada. What you see is what you get in the pictures. There is also an intercooler, it too is huge and heavy. A more modern equivalent is likely a better choice. If no one wants the entire package, I will part it out. The intake plenum is clearly the most valuable of all the items. We'll talk price when the time comes. Can't say it would make a good NA intake plenum flow wise, but there is likely a post on here somewhere where experts debated this topic to death. Let me know if have any questions. Email to z240@shaw.ca is likely the fastest way to get a response. Jim