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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/BcTF2--HqCm/?taken-by=racing_fx
  2. Here are a few other links to recent stuff I have done with the car.
  3. So this will make 3 of 3 shows I have entered and taken home hardware. All class wins. I have not once entered any of these events and thought I should win. To me my car has so many flaws still that need to be fixed or changed, but then I own it. More changes coming in the near future. I hope to have the interior done in 2018. That would include HVAC, ele power steering, new interior panels, dash, installing my Mill House gauge pods, and some other things.....
  4. Wilwood Rear Handbrake Kit

  5. Now additionally there is K&W as an option and Stance as well.
  6. KW Suspension parts are what many in the industry strive to be like....
  7. It is like Christmas morning every time I open up this thread! I am getting closer.... still waiting on a email reply from you on a few things...
  8. 78 280Z LS3 Project

    There you go again..... baller status. lol. I figured you would be good with that steep driveway. Next time I get a break I will drop by. I have some changes coming on my car again..... keep up the work as always you are setting the bar.
  9. Still up for sale. Wheels are not on the car. All cleaned up. Wheels are currently in storage. Ready for a new owner!
  10. Here is one i just picked up.
  11. Carbon Signal JG Spec Moonbeam kit ( 8/100)

    Here is one from my page
  12. Carbon Signal JG Spec Moonbeam kit ( 8/100)

    @RB26powered74zcar... Joel.... My interior is a wreck. Not even close to being done. I still have to: Buy a passenger seat the same as my driver's ( I just put in a Technocraft T4) Buy HVAC for the car Buy ele power steering Buy new Nardi steering wheel New carpet I am working with a local interior guy on doing the full Alacantera interior. I have a few surprises in store for the interior panels I am working on as well. I appreciate all of the compliments, this car has been a labor of love as I have such a long history with it..... the original owner is a close family friend
  13. Look at these JDM 32's

    If it was a GT-r I would be calling you PLATA. Keep bringing them in! How did you do on BAT hopefully better than I did.
  14. Car Shows

    lol to add to #4... they usually look shocked when I point out the #806 VIN on my car with the 1/70 build date..... I just smile..... Good job.