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  1. texis30O

    Triple Blowthrough Turbo

    LOL I stumble on this just in time. I am about to embarqe on a Cartech install for my 72 240z. I would like the power to be at least 400whp ( which is about 1/2 of what I have on my 70 240z) This build I am going with period influences with a modern twist for reliability..... Since I am in TX and just down the road from Corky Bell I will be leaning on him for the final approvals. Good luck on your build as you have done a lot of things I am leaning to. I have picked up some good ideas in here.... What are the specs on your turbo as I will be updating that as well from the old unit to something new....
  2. This is very interesting.....very....
  3. Is this a v2 or v3 head? Robello not doing the build on the head?
  4. texis30O

    Ford Super 8.8 irs swap thread. Rear brakes too

    I have been watching this via FB as well. I have one of the original WFritz 8.8 swap kits. I had a little mishap and was the one who ripped the subframe from the unibody at the passenger LCA frame/ mount location as well as destroyed the front diff mount. We have that back together now and the front mount is corrected. ( I was the one who posed the question to you... lol) I look forward to seeing how you do with this set up. Currently I am only at 700whp on my LS/ supercharger set up. You can see other pics of the car on Instagram @datlszguy Good to see someone else on this path.
  5. texis30O

    Ross' Sleeper Z

    Holy shit man! Glad ou made it out with minimal damage. Good to see you are on the move on this beauty. I really would like to come by and check it out soon. As long as the weather is good I’ll bring my Z. Don’t give up on her!
  6. texis30O

    Zpower Steering

    The Z powersteering set ups are good. I am about to buy one , the main differences between the two units is the ele motor that is used. one is a OEM type motor and the other is not to OEM spec. I do know someone who autocrosses their car regularly on the Silvermine setup and he swears by it.
  7. I have 315 on my rears and 275 up front. I will be going with the Apex Eng stuff at the beginnig of the year but for now I am on stock stuff except for my coilovers. I am toying with 335s but not sure yet I want to see how track adjustments come out with the new set up.
  8. https://www.instagram.com/p/BcTF2--HqCm/?taken-by=racing_fx
  9. Here are a few other links to recent stuff I have done with the car.
  10. So this will make 3 of 3 shows I have entered and taken home hardware. All class wins. I have not once entered any of these events and thought I should win. To me my car has so many flaws still that need to be fixed or changed, but then I own it. More changes coming in the near future. I hope to have the interior done in 2018. That would include HVAC, ele power steering, new interior panels, dash, installing my Mill House gauge pods, and some other things.....
  11. Now additionally there is K&W as an option and Stance as well.
  12. KW Suspension parts are what many in the industry strive to be like....
  13. It is like Christmas morning every time I open up this thread! I am getting closer.... still waiting on a email reply from you on a few things...