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  1. 2 4 0 Z L S 1

    whoa!!! Amazing... I've put my 240z project due to not knowing how to fabricate the whole rear taillight valance. I shall extensively consider using you ideas to build one. Best luck and bravo!!
  2. Project Phoenix

    Mad colour!! great work
  3. 1973 240z build

    Such amazing work!! I like the WWII-fighter look, nutty. Are you planning to paint something on the driver-side?
  4. I just saw the video, truly sorry about the car. Im glad that your well, and spirited to re-mend her. Best luck!
  5. A friend helping me weld the 240z is on the same team. I think the blue or green class, and drives a black 300zxTT.
  6. I'll try this method, Thanks alot. Keep up the nice building progress.
  7. Im looking for a whole passenger, door lock pillar body panel. Could you post a pic of it? Part # 3 in the illustration. http://www.carpartsmanual.com/datsuns30/DatsunZIndex/Body240Z/RearFender,RearPanelRearPanelFinisher/tabid/1760/Default.aspx
  8. Nice progress and work. You are my inspiration!! Where did you order your OEM Nissan bolts and nuts? Im having trouble finding some, most Nissan dealer's have discontinued some of the parts.
  9. Glad you had fun at VIR. The paint job looks smart. Doing all the paint work or someone else?
  10. There are two types of thoughts; emotional and rational thoughts. Im a rational thinker, except when behind the steering wheel.

  11. I'm going to miss it, the Rezoom Motorsports. Im not getting paid today due to the northern-side harsh weather... Have fun!!
  12. Nice progress!! I'm interested in tracking my zed too. I live in Raleigh, NC and I would like to see your project. And get some wise advice... PM me.