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  1. Are you in a massive rush to find the spare tire well? I will be cutting out mine from my '73 240z, but it will be a little while. My car was blasted to bare metal and sprayed with Endura epoxy primer.
  2. Oh Yeah, that's definitely car porn! Can't wait to hear this engine roar.
  3. Nelsonian

    72 Kgc10 GTX build tread

    Oh man I can't wait to hear this engine scream.
  4. I had great results with soaking my tank with Evaporust. They now make it in a gel form to fit into tight spaces.
  5. Nelsonian

    Hood Designs

    Originally I was building a pretty stout L28et and had purchased both the drivers side Naca duct and regular passenger side vent from a 280ZX being parted with the intent to weld onto my stock 240Z hood. I had the sellers cut a little extra metal border so that I could retain the factory beveled contour and weld these in to look flush and as if the factory had made it. about half way through plans changed and I sold all my L engine parts and went with a Toyota 2JZGTE which has the turbo and intake on opposing sides. I think the 280ZX style ducted/vented style hood would be beneficial for all L series engines (turbo or NA) allowing cooling air on the drivers side in and at slow to idling speeds venting out hot trapped air on the passenger side. Just my 2 cents worth...
  6. Nelsonian

    This was pretty funny

    That was funny. I stumbled onto his "in depth reviews" when I was looking at old first gen Toyota 4Runner 4x4 videos, such as this one.
  7. Nelsonian

    Use of a torque plate?

    I will be using one when it comes time to have my 2JZ engine built. http://dsportmag.com/the-tech/head-torque-plate-solutions-save-valves-and-improve-efficiency-in-high-power-applications/
  8. Nelsonian

    72 Kgc10 GTX build tread

    I'm looking forward to see this build progress a well.
  9. Nelsonian

    1.2JZ into a 280Z build.

    Thanks Geno, I will have a look at their offerings. It's always good to get first hand experience opinions and advice on tried parts.
  10. Nelsonian

    1.2JZ into a 280Z build.

    Even though I am not at the point of choosing my turbo just yet, I am always keeping an eye out for what works on others builds, Thanks.
  11. Nelsonian

    1.2JZ into a 280Z build.

    Geno, I'm curious what exhaust manifold you are using.
  12. Nelsonian

    Nelsonian 240z

    Thank you sir... I think I will skip that final move as this is more than enough for a primarily intended street driven car. I am hoping to wrap most of the interior with an alcantara micro suede as opposed to the stock vinyl material.
  13. Nelsonian

    Nelsonian 240z

    I have been planning for years now to create a build thread for this project but only getting around to it now. Ok, where to begin. In 2004, I purchased a local 1973 240z in very much original state right down to the stock steel rims with hubcaps. I always new that performance modifications were the main goals for this car. I had just started a new job at this time and my salary was certainly going to limit my plans for out right performance. I started off with the most basic and effective changes, (replace points dist with electric dizzy, round top carbs for the flat tops). I began my regular routine of junk yard reconnaissance missions always on the hunt for automotive treasures. Shortly after a few trips to the jy, I picked up a decent set of 280zx six spoke rims to give a little upgrade in the visual department. As weeks and months sped along, I continuously read and based decisions off of current threads here and formed a long term plan for a turbo transplant. Funding was (is) still a challenge for this project, but I came to grips with taking my time and doing it very thorough and complete from the start. I scored a completely rebuilt l28et in Oceanside,CA, that only had 3500 break in miles on it and a relevant warranty still in tact. A little time and haggling had me going home with the engine, stock ecu/wiring, and a new megasquirt version 2.2 for a good price. I barely drove the car with it's stock l24 for only a few hundred miles then made the decision to attend to some of the visible rust concerns in advance of adding more power and torque. Having had this car off the street and at a friends house for some time, I slowly started filling my "parts wanted list" from many members here. The parts collection started to grow, and as more time went by I found my self with the next level upgrades and even doubles and tripples of some parts,(transmissions, air dams, spoilers,etc). Somewhere around 08' I ended up breaking my left index toe while surfing very fun waves down in baja, (hence the Purple Toe Project name). This resulted in a one month sick leave from work as I was unable to adhere to the city policy of steel toe boots at all times. Here is where the "while I'm at it" mantra took affect and snow balled into the current goal of every thing changed for the better. I began disassembling the car and bagging/labeling all hardware to make it easier when reassembly finally became a reality. I planned all along to remove all the old undercoating and bring the car down to bare metal to see and fix any needed rust issues and fortify by chasis strengthening. Fast forward to June 2010. I receive the info that I have 18 days to remove my car from the property it was on as the house was up for sale. At this point I had a completely stripped car sitting on the rotisserie still in need of the undercoating removal. I shifted into high gear, took a few monday/fridays off and ground off all the bottom. My arsenal consisted of Snap On Crud thug, harbor freight needle scaler/ pnumatic scraper. I tried the Mister Muscle oven cleaner route but it soon became a concern for contaminating the ground, as well as burning skin after grinding off with the crud thug. My friend allowed me to work on his property, but did not want caustic materials close to his dog. I got everything stripped on the underside, and started to focus on the engine bay removing the flexable wiring tabs to clean it up. I scooped up a truck camper cart or dolly off of craigslist and strapped down the freshly stripped body to it. In July I had a towing truck take the car on dolly to Time Machine Racecraft in Oceanside, CA. where ther current in depth rusteration has been taking place. My goals at Time Machine were to: {Have a new oem rear patch panel applied, pass Tabco dog leg replaced, battery tray area fixed, tc arm gusset added, new Zedd floors, Baddog frame & sub rails, AZC camber plates, 4 point chromolly roll bar, new seat mount brackets, fill antenna/badge holes}. Along the way we have had to address unexpected rust issues from the previous owner doing a horrible job fixing a passengers side rear end wreck. Discovered under a nice paint job, was a section of metal covered in 1/8" of unpropperly mixed bondo, just waiting to absorb and hold moisture. The repair job was by far the most amateur work I have seen to date. Tho Chung, Owner of Time Machine Racecraft, took a good piece of patch siding that I provided and filled in that puzzle piece. I cant say enough good things about Tho's attention to detail and welding skills, truely an artist with a welder. So here is where I am currently with my build, with plans to have the paint blasted and then the whole car epoxy coated. The car will then sit for a few monthes until I can get teh funds to have a bodyman apply the subtlez kit and paint the car. I look forward to the day I can reassemble and finally drive this car again.
  14. Nelsonian

    Nelsonian 240z

    I started on a few small projects of my own as in stripping the exterior of the stock gas tank priming then painting it. I also soaked the inside with Evaporust for three weeks flipping it around in a big tub as over time in storage it began to have flash rust form inside. I originally had it hot tanked at Ace Radiators in San Diego years back with intentions to modify it into a custom fuel cell. I bought a member made ring and had it Cadmium coated as well as bought new fuel filler tube and fuel sending unit from MSA. Stripped the outside paint with Aircraft remover, my Crud thug and 3m wheel. Applied Dominion Sure seal etching primer and finished with Rustolium gloss black rattle cans. It's an amateur job at best and shows the dings and dents, but it sure was fun doing it. I also took my new used Tech 2 Motorsports 2JZGTE cross member and engine mounts and applied the same Rustolium gloss black to clean up the scrapes from the previous owner who test fitted his engine in the bay with it. I intend to sell the stock tank, filler tube and fuel sending unit soon. Lastly I wanted to have all the cross members, mounts and steering pieces in a uniform gloss black color so painfully had to take back some of the components I had powder coated in a wheel silver years ago to have re powder coated in the mentioned gloss black. I also took the front T3 lower control arms apart and along with the rear Z Race Products had them coated in a sparkle silver and the tc rods in a candy sparkle red to match the aftermarket front sway bar I had done along time ago. Lastly I came across some new, unused Bad Dog single point jack plates that I forgot I had in an improperly marked storage box. I soaked them in the Evaporust to clean them back to original condition and will put them up for sale shortly as I will not be using them. That's about it for now...
  15. Nelsonian

    Nelsonian 240z

    A little update on the work that has been happening for the last month plus. Almost all of the stitch welding is complete from the front of the rear shock towers forward. I will have the rear finished at another time when we get the 15 gal Radium (FCST) fuel cell surge tank and have the car back on the intended suspension and wheels. The rear spare tire will obviously be cut out and provide better access to the intended stitch welding areas. The passenger side rear quarter panel that was poorly applied by the previous owner who fixed the wrecked area, was cleaned up and new spot welds applied. The small window areas will be cleaned up and fixed as the passenger side has a screw hole piece of metal as thin as dental floss on one of the holes. I am having Tho remove and weld in the Riv nuts that he had applied awhile back to make the battery tray removable as that will now be relocated to the rear with the intended fuel cell project. The pinched upper frame rail in the engine bay has been cut, blasted, a weldable primer applied and pieced in place with a little bit more clean up work needed, ( Big Thanks to Member NW240Z for cutting the piece out from his parts car and sending it my way). The stock transmission mounts/ears were removed in preparation for the CD009 trans swap for when the time comes for that. I bought a Hoke Performance lower mount for that swap. He ended up sending me out some better slotted mounting plates after I received the mount kit on his dime, (Great guy to do business with). The BF Goodrich all season tires were returned as I saw another ad for the performance summer version (sport comp 2) that I initially wanted but was told they could not get them. The company contacted BF Goodrich and got me the 275 rears and 245 fronts, so back in business with all things wheels. I am hopefully looking at all the welding and fab work to be finished in two more weeks and will hopefully have the car brought back down to my body/paint guy Stuart to start blending in the new rear YZ quarter panels and adjusting the front Rocket Bunny bumper to fit within the Ztrix subtle Z front end.
  16. Nelsonian

    Nissan center stage at the 2018 Mitty

    Thank you for posting this and I bet it was a great event. I had been searching for videos on Youtube since not being able to attend in person.
  17. Nelsonian

    Ford Super 8.8 irs swap thread. Rear brakes too

    Keep the progress pics coming.
  18. Nelsonian


    Welcome back OverkillZ. Looking forward to the next version of that beast.
  19. Nelsonian

    AZC Rear Brake bracket - front 280z rotor centers

    I have a Tim O design mount similar to the Woza design which uses a Wilwood spot caliper for the e brake and the commonly used Wilwood four piston forged Dynalite caliper 120-6806 or 120-686 for the rear. It is new, unused and has been anodized red.
  20. Nelsonian

    Post your favorite racing/driving vids!

    Another car I am pretty much lusting over but most likely will never come across in person, at least not here in the states. Too many interesting cars and videos here to let this thread stay too dormant.
  21. Nelsonian

    Ford 8.8 IRS swap v2.0

    Spits, I'm really sad to hear your giving up on the Z because of the time frame. Personally I am going on 11 years of not driving the car. I have been slowly building my dream Z and have been down on it many times, but time goes by and funds recuperate then progress happens. Funny enough, I just bought a 350Z mount from Austin the beginning of this week and I also sent him a link to this thread just trying to see if it would spark some interest with him. I wasn't sure if you were going to see this all the way through and my body/paint guy won't do anymore work until I have the rear end components on the car. I might have my local fabrication guy interested in this as another possibility. He is very qualified, (worked on many 510 builds for Les Cannady and Adam Corrola) and very punctual and efficient. Thank you for what you have taken on, enhanced upon and done in general as your time, effort and communication sharing with us all is very much appreciated. I really hope you reconsider keeping the car, but I understand if timing just isn't right for now.
  22. Nelsonian

    Ford 8.8 IRS swap v2.0

    I'm still extremely interested in this kit also!!!!!!!!!!
  23. Here's how my 4 pt roll bar was constructed.
  24. Nelsonian

    Ford Super 8.8 irs swap thread. Rear brakes too

    I'm keeping my eye on this to see how it progresses. I recently bought an '02 expedition 8.8 diff, but am liking the removal of stub axle part to the equation you present here. Subscribed to this thread...
  25. Nelsonian

    Nelsonian 240z

    Went up to visit the car today and pay off some of the bill and generally view the progress. The engine bay is almost complete, just need to remove and back fill the rivnut holes that were intended for the battery tray that will no longer be used. Prior to this round of work, I had Tho weld in rivnuts to make the cleaned up battery tray removable, but after committing to the fuel cell I will mount the battery in the back as well. A few of the factory spot welded areas will be beefed up with new spot welds beside them also. Opened up the Ford 8.8 irs diff to find a watery mix in with the synthetic fluid which has a grit like, dirt texture inside. Starting to wonder if this diff was involved in a flooding. Not quite jiving with the sellers story ,but I was in need of a housing anyway and it is very externally clean. None of the gears are damaged in any way thankfully. I will be cleaning this out this week and getting new bearings and gasket. That's about it for this past week, but stitch welding will continue starting in the cabin.