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Speed Forme Kit

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As opposed to what other car brand that is cheap?


To do any car "right", you need to spend the money. Also, maybe my conversion is wrong, but it seemed like it was only twice as expensive as the normal ZG body kit that everyone seems to put on their car. For something that almost no one has done and looks good, seems reasonable to me.

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$3600 for the Pandem (RB) kit from Greddy, so all said and done they are probably comparable in price, shipped and everything.  I quite like the Speedforme kit as it's not *too* over the top, the car is still very much a S30, just with some flair and modern touches.  Anyone that buys one will certainly win points for uniqueness too, since I doubt anyone in North America is running one, whereas I have seen a few Pandem and Moonbeam kits already.  

I never liked the rear valance on the Speedforme kit though - it doesn't seem to match the subtleness of the rest of it - so I did a quick photoshop altering it to make it cleaner.  Less holes and less busy looking. 




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