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  1. I have an N42 available in WA. Near Centralia. Will need to be serviced.
  2. Did you find anything yet? I have a 260 with a roof I can cut from. The rear part of it is damaged so the nose is not too bad. I'm in WA so the shipping will be $$.
  3. I pulled them off today. They are sun-faded, but intact. A small piece missing from the inside edge. Same as Popeye1 $100 shipped $80 + $19.99 large flat rate. Popeye1 is picking his set up but, I don't see you doing that. Shipping, is what it is.
  4. This set needs a little more work in clean up. I don't see any cracks but I will pull them off and check the back sides The dark spots on the chrome is just some pooled water.
  5. I recently picked up a 280 for parts for my car. I don't need the lights, so those are available. Decent with faded chrome pieces. I have not heard from Popeye1 all week so those might be available too. I sent him a text, and forum message. They are a little nicer. Edit : Popeye1 contacted me and is in for his set. Let me know if you want to see pics of the second set.
  6. I have offered a set to Popeye1, If he decides not to get them I will offer them to you. I might have another set too, I will have to take a look.
  7. Did you find these? I have a set, I'm near Centralia WA.
  8. Hard to see it really in the picture, it just looks like a lot of silicone gasket there. Not judging. PM sent.
  9. The bottom half looks a bit tired too. How about a complete set up?
  10. If JHM does not have something for you, I have a bunch of old gages I can check as well.
  11. Not mine, just thought I would share the find. 81 280ZXT at Pick n Pull in Lynnwood WA. Landed three days ago. http://row52.com/Vehicle/Index/JN1CZ04S2BX279348
  12. @GrizzlyTDSL I have an E88 that is complete and is in good shape. I am a little closer to you as well. I could get it to you for $350 shipped. I can get you pic's and measurements if you are interested.
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