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Watanabe ROTA RKR 17 x 8.5 +4

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Anyone interested in a group buy for the Rota RKR 17x8.5 +4 offset?  They look like the old school Watanabe rims. I wanted to get the RB's, but too many people have them now. Also, the 17" rim gives me much more options for tire sizes from serveral companies (8 pages worth on tirerack site).


The largest tire you can fit on a 240Z is a 245/40/17 with rolled fenders with a 17x8.5 +4 rim. I've seen it and it looks great. I reached out to racing18 and they don't not carry this option right now, but they can put in an order if there are 5 or more parties.


What do you guys think?




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When they had them in stock, the cost was $995 for a set of four rims. I guess the discount will depends on how many people are interested. This is what they might look like on a 240z. Sorry I didn't know how to flip the picture...

Any one else interested?



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not interested in this group buy, but would comment on the size. I run the Rota RB's with the same exact size. The wheel will make contact with the front spring perch on a 240-UNLESS you pound the the spring perch flat on the wheel side. This will gain you 1/4" clearance . This is with aftermarket springs on stock perches-your results may vary.

Tire size will be limited to 225/45/17 . I run 245/45/17 and  have rubbing issues on the rear inner fender during bumps. I am in the process of reducing to 225's which should resolve the issue.

Lastly, I can keep my center caps on-not like the guys running the bigger RBR's



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