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Twin cam head for the L6 from Derek at Datsunworks


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Hi Tioga


I may give that a try and see how it looks. I really like the wires in the front but then again I never tried them running towards the back. It's pretty crowded back there with the injection hard lines.

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Exterior hard lines finished. 




Got everything fabed up. Very happy with the results.

I added a sandwich adapter in order to be able to get more oil for the VCT. The oil pressure port was fine for the cam oil feeds but I felt it would not keep up with the VCT. I moved everything over to the sandwich plate. The oil pressure switches are still on the oil pressure port.




Rear oil feed.




Hard lines are a ton of effort but for me well worth it.


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8 hours ago, supernova_6969 said:

looks awesome...

tell me, why is the rear feed zig zaging? is it some form of strain relief?





The zig zag lets you adjust the length of the line for final tweaking. That one was a little more pronounced than I would have liked but it's hidden so I left it. Even a single bend will give you some options.  

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Making progress. Almost at the point where I can test the oil system.


Front covers on.



Internal lines finished.



Externals as well.




Getting closer!




Hopefully Monday I can start testing the oil volume/pressures.

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1 hour ago, JavelinZ said:

Those S7 cams look money. Along with everything else obviously.



Yea the S7 looks so nice. The 8620 looked great with the copper plating but not so great after spending time in hot oil. The best part about the S7 is it's through hardened so as long as there is enough base circle you can regrind it. 

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19 hours ago, Derek said:

Realized I never posted this pic of SN005. The Ferrea rockers look amazing.




Jenvey 48mm and a Megasquirt setup from Linfert Performance.





That's going to sound so good! Will you do different intake runner lengths?  I know people say longer= lower rpm torque.  

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