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TrackZpeeds CXRacing LS1 T56 240z

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Read the entire 34 pages.......great thread! Trackzpeed, thank you for taking the time to and effort to document your journey.


I am new to the Z swap world and just starting the process on my 260Z with a SBC swap from back in the day.....Thank you for the inspiration!

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WOW...Just went thru all 34 pages and WOW. Definitely took some notes as i have a 5.3 w/ T56 in it. The motor and tranny are only mounted up at the moment so I have tons of work ahead of me. Not sure how I'm going to do the wiring harnesses so need to figure out what can go and what needs to stay. Great job and tons of useful information. Sad that forums are not what they used to be like back in the days. Posts on FB groups get lost and seems like alot of misinformation at times as well. 



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