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Exposed's 1jz Build

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Haven't had to much time to plug away with work being as busy as it is and wrapping up home renovations. On the fence about mounting the turbo and snipping the hood or mounting the turbo lower and leaving the hood as is. I ended up moving the alternator over just incase I want to bring the turbo lower. Next step, modify the lower waterneck outlet and bring it as close to the block as possible.


For the guys who upgraded to a single turbo has anyone braced the turbo back to the block or frame of the car? 





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I've heard mixed about bracing, like since the pipes are expanding bracing can cause fractures from the tension caused by fixing the turbo flange in place in respects to the expanding pipes. Not that continually expanding and shrinking pipes with a weight on it would fare much better. Part of why I went with the heavy SS cast manifold.

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