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240z reproduction dash


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Has anyone purchased one of the reproduction dashes from Vintage Dashes yet? Im trying to find a review before i purchase one.


Their communication is pretty poor, dont want to get taken for $800.


Dont know if i can post this here but:


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2 hours ago, BJSZED said:

I have one. Installed it on the metal frame. Fit well on the frame but it's not installed in the car yet. Yes, their communication is poor

I would really like to see this installed if you get a chance to take a picture, or even just a picture of it on the frame. I've been asking Vintage Dashes for a picture of one installed but they surprisingly don't have one. That's one of the main reasons I haven't pulled the trigger yet.

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We've known the guys from Vintage Spirit Garage for years.  They are solid dudes, been around for a long time, have turned out some awesome projects, and are deeply involved in the Nissan/Datsun community in California.  We've had nothing but good experiences.  I was actually a bit annoyed by much of the thread on ClassicZcars...


BJSZED - Have you installed your gauges yet?  How do they fit?


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I read the last page of that thread and it seems like they realized that they dropped the ball on communications.  Seems like somebody could have let them know that there was an issue.  They are "theguppies", right?  Let's see if the "at" thing works.  


Are they a vendor on this site?  Seems like that might help too.  Can't really buy something from somebody who isn't available to take your order.





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I haven't read the thread on Classic Z but my experience was positive in the end. I will admit that I was getting nervous about being burned as I didn't use paypal and things kept being delayed. Hung Vu which I dealt with was reassuring and seemed very professional.


The dash seems to be great quality. It attaches easily although they were missing the attachment plates in the center heater control area. I used silicone adhesive in this area as well as the lower area under the glovebox, under the steering column area and the two sides. I used painters tape to secure until the adhesive dried. The original dash has extra vinyl in these area which is pulled around the metal. This dash does not.  You will see the attachment screws in the photo's. It's easier to use self drilling screws of the right length than use the original screws.


If these guys make more 240z parts I would deal with them again.


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5 hours ago, rturbo 930 said:

Just me, or are the three center gauge holes kinda misshapen?

Yeah, that's from me. Working on the dash and leaving it rest  upside down on the top trying to figure out how to mount all the gauges. It flattened them down a little. I'm hoping they will return when upright. If you are keeping the stock gauges, it would be perfect as they fit the holes perfectly. These 2 5/8 gauges are a little small.

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8 hours ago, Huy350Z said:

Wow, the dash looks great. The gauges are beautiful as well. Thanks for sharing the pictures.


Did you have to cut the holes for the cigarette lighter and the emergency light switch? And is your car 72 or 73?




Yes, you have to cut those holes out. I used a step drill. Lot safer than a knife.

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Car is a 72
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