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Settling on two rear end options...

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After researching what it takes to get my 75 280Z rear end up to task to handle LS3 torque I decided to go with the 8.8 swap.  I wanted one of Will's kits that was made a few years ago and was hoping to get in on second production run, even bought a 2002 Explorer diff.  Well, he went off to school, sold his Z and the second run never happened.  A year to two later Vlad started his Super 8.8 swap kit thread and I became hooked.  I purchased his u-weld kit then the diff (in that order lol) and in the process of installing now.  Very happy with quality of parts and initial fitment.

What sold me on Vlad's kit:

1) First and for most it has been proven in high HP cars.

2) Affordable and easily accessible parts.  For example paid $500 for a diff with Torsen locker with 3.73 gears

3) 5x4.5" wheel bolt spacing broadens wheel choice possibilities

4) uses stock rear suspension geometry/lower control arm design


There are 5 lug hub kits to convert the front to 5x4.5" all priced around $500 so matching front to rear is not hard.

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Seattlejester makes a solid point about tires. I've broken u-joints in the factory shafts at 230ft-lbs on big ol sticky tires. Drag launches and clutch kicks are what break diff parts, so as long as y

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Junk design, as Jon M said.  It will typically eat itself, and then the rest of your diff, within a few hundred miles.  Can't believe they're charging $300+ for those things.


Much better off if you can find an OBX for your R200, and then install the washer swap if needed.  Or you could check out the MFactory unit offered at a discount in our Vendors' Forum.  Seems to be one of the better deals out there for a quality piece...



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No, well-built clutch LSDs are actually very effective, especially in racing applications because of they're tuneability/adjustability.  Helical are nice because they are quite durable and largely mx-free.


The Phantom Grip pos is neither.  It's a half-assed attempt to simulate an LSD; but the very nature of its design eats the internals of the differential.  Google "Phantom Grip" and you'll see some real horror stories.  It may work (sort of) for a while, but it eventually eats the diff.


What are your goals for the car (I.e intended usage and application).?  That will help determine the best LSD solution for your needs.  

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Haha, I like that line up! I’m trying to keep 300lbs  if torque to the ground. I just negotiated the return of my L28et!! Super excited and trying to work on gaining some traction. Owner over the last 5 years put 15x9’s in the back, but it’s still an open diff 


primarily street. Canyon roads at low speed but steep acceleration. I’m not racing through the turns just enjoying the G’s. 

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So I read through the write up, and it’s way over my head. I just don’t have enough experience with rear ends to confidently do this, so I think I’m going to pass... all the talk about preloading got me lost. I have changed several rears, including the r200 swap in a 240z, but this seems more complicated. 

I just searched “OBX r200” on eBay and found several options to choose from. There are Nismo units available as well. 

I guess I’m going to have to look at swapping a complete short nose LSD instead... 


PS: thank you for the assistance! 

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14 minutes ago, Ben280 said:

Just as a quick FYI while you're looking for diff center sections. If you have a long nose R200 in the car already, any center section designed for a s13 open diff will slot right in. Should open up a ton of options for you since most manufacturers sell a LSD that fits in that car. 

Oh! Well that does change things... 

I have found a local rear shop that said they will install the center section for me and check the “backlash” (whatever that is). From what I’m reading, the z31 3.9 r200 longnose I have should already have the 12mm bolt holes To the ring gear, so that is one less thing to worry about. Reading that OBX write up just really turned me off. It seemed way more complicated for the limited experience I have. If I can just bolt-in the carrier without disassembling it, I’m in. 

Part of my anxiety is that I don’t have a lift, and every time I have changed my diff (4), it’s a huge PITA. Literally would rather change an L-series with tranny already mounted, than do another 80lb diff swap on my back. I just want something to work Day 1 and not require me to remove it again. I have busted one r200 before, so I know these things do break. 

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I priced the coil over tubes & bearing adapters through ttt.  It looks like just those parts would be $1040.  & would still likely need custom length axles.  

On 8/14/2020 at 6:58 PM, AydinZ71 said:


I like that Idea! I will get a hold of them and ask them to quote. I like how well thought out the stuff on their website is, but like most CA suppliers they are super expensive. If these were made in Houston, I am certain they would be 30% cheaper. It could also be that competition is dwindling due to low sales volume. 


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