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My official L31DETT RHD thread.

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Ok, so look here for updates every couple days As Ill just keep adding to this thread for my updates of my progress on the L31DETT RHD car. I got the intercooler installed, as well as the alluminum r

There is ALOT of cost in time that has gone into this project. Over 500 Man hours Between my father and I for sure. We have been doing LOTS of calculations, trial and error, quality controll, etc.

Can i get a picture of that KA valve cover from the top down?


Im a KA guy as well as a L28ET guy and id really like to have a picture of a really long KA valve cover in my garage...


Great work.. I remember projects like this when i built my CA20DET

Wasnt as extensive but still completely custom..


CA20E block, Custom crank girdle, CA18DET head with CA16DE cams, B20VTEC pistons with A modified 4g63 rod and the the usual boost hte hell out of it and sell it...




Fun isnt it?



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Everything you've done here with this motor build is woopa$$!! One thing thats bugging me is the angle the motor is tilted at... is that necessary?


It just appears to me to be leaning to much to the pass side.... I'm not by any means picking this apart, just wondering, thats all.... :redface:

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Ok, so after ALOT of fighting with the spark on this setup, EDIS, MS2, etc. I FINALLY got it good enough to RUN, Yes RUN. I dont have the cold pipes, air cleaner pipes, etc. on, their built but not installed, so I can see if there were any leaks and what not. I dont have water in the engine yet, so I didnt run it for very long. I Will have it driving in a couple days for sure. I can NOT tell you how stoked I am with this. It has been a LONG and tedious project, with help from all kinds of people. Vavle cover is not finished as I need to do some engraving and what not. I need to say a personal thanks to all who helped on this project.


1.) My Dad, withouth his help, and almost 50 years experience with engines and engineering, It could not have been done.

2.) Mcadam, for his orinial therory, that we worked into a working model over time.

3.) Andy Mayfield for his efforts on the build of this car.

4.) J. Seymore, for his dedication to the "quicky" paint on this car.

5.)My wife for putting up with the long hours

6.) Last and Defnitly not least My grandfarther and grandmother, for without them, I would not have a shop to build this in, nor the know how on how to do any of the building.



This IS history folks. And for everyone who said I couldnt do it "cough bubbles cough" HA!



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Im not gonna get it on the road and run straight to a dyno, to be a dyno queen. Im going to drive it as my daily driver, and take to to California in a couple weeks, which is over 1000 mile trip. I want to prove reliablity, then after I get everything dialed in and after many 1/4 mi runs, I might put it on a dyno, but more than likely not. If I do put it on a dyno, it will be the mustang gladiator, that were purchasing soon.

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Some people have a problem grasping a Machinist's Quandary.


Why does a machinist make a round ball captive within a cubic form?

Why does a machinist make a chain from a solid bar stock?


There are countless Machinists' Quandaries out there, and the reason to do them is always the same: To do them.


The thought and engineering that goes in to the front end of the Quandary is the reward. It makes the machinist think, actually think about what the project will need to be brought to fruition.


I said it elsewhere, this is not a narcissistic trumpeting of his accomplishments, but rather an informative blurb on what he is doing , and why.

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1 fast Z, congratulations on getting your project running. Many of us have been following this build for a long time & its great that it has worked out so well so far.


I'm looking forward to seeing video of the thing completed & tuned!


& did you say you'd be at JCCS this year? If so it'll be great to see the beast in person!

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