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My official L31DETT RHD thread.

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Ok, So I took my Fairlady out for a FIRST drive EVER, with the new DOHC engine. No boost, Megasquirt still needs LOTS of tuning, which I havent even startedt to do yet. CHarge pipes and everything is hooked up, stays nice and cool, after we got our venting problems fixed. Has LOTS of torque, down low, thanks to the 4 valves. Probably more low end torque then my NA Silver Car motor with ITB's.



Here is some pics of the current setup.



























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Ok, so look here for updates every couple days As Ill just keep adding to this thread for my updates of my progress on the L31DETT RHD car. I got the intercooler installed, as well as the alluminum r

There is ALOT of cost in time that has gone into this project. Over 500 Man hours Between my father and I for sure. We have been doing LOTS of calculations, trial and error, quality controll, etc.

Even if you didn't lay on it and we knew you wouldn't it was still AWESOME. The engineering that went into that motor was amazing I'm really gald it paid off for you. The temps were perfect and even if it was running a bit rich it still sounded nice and smooth. Any ideas what this head would do in a high compression N/A application? Just curious...

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Have you calculated how much flow you're gaining over the stock head? My (most likely wrong) calculations put a stock head at 63 cfm/liter, and your head at maybe around 71 cfm/liter.


I borrowed information from



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