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My official L31DETT RHD thread.

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Ok, so look here for updates every couple days As Ill just keep adding to this thread for my updates of my progress on the L31DETT RHD car. I got the intercooler installed, as well as the alluminum r

There is ALOT of cost in time that has gone into this project. Over 500 Man hours Between my father and I for sure. We have been doing LOTS of calculations, trial and error, quality controll, etc.

1 fast Z, many many congratulations on being the first to realize the dream; The issue at hand here is one of the first questions I asked that expanded my mechanical education. That question (repeated here rhetorically) is Why DID datsun stick with the non crossflow head on these motors?


It sounds almost like a ferrari, almost like a jag.. but ENTIRELY like a Z engine, which is more than I can say for alot of L-series with undesirable exhaust systems. The image it calls to MY mind is this:


Alfa-Romeo 2600 Spyder; all aluminum engine, DOHC crossflow head, triple dellorto's(?) circa 1964


'cept of course, yours is alot PURDIER!!!


Regarding the wording, it is enough simply to state that it was function over form; ALWAYS a trump card in my book.


That exhaust note is pure heaven, and this is possibly the single most inspiring thing I have ever seen on this forum. As I said earlier to BRAAP in a PM, I have been eagerly awaiting this day (okay, well, two days ago; my original response post got wiped along with a few others, heh) with bated breath since.. well, since I first asked my uncle why the carbs and the exhaust were on the same side, about half my lifetime ago!!


Bark second gear once, for me, after you get the machine on the road? Thats all I ask!:cool:

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I like the valve cover. As for all the writing...


Advertising! Allows any money expended on this effort be written off against shop profits as 'advertising' thereby decreasing tax liabilities.


It's why you see all the Real Estate Dudes with static cling decals (duh, 'magnetic'?) on the doors of the cars. Double dipping...

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