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Progress on my insane VQ35HR 240Z project

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Since the engine was out for wiring (new ECU) and the transmission, we sent some piping to get ceramic coating. Before it was starting to look a bit rusty. The paddles are attached to the steering wheel. But they are pretty small. So I'm going to cut some larger paddles out of rigid carbon fiber sheets (2mil) and attach those. Also took a few pics of the engine and suspension just for fun.



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10 hours ago, jpndave said:

Nice Mark!


I have a Woodward column and that similar disconnect for my steering wheel. What are your plans for the wiring. I would like to retrofit a horn button and have debated how to pass power through the disconnect. I have toyed with using a coiled wire.

I'm using a coiled up cable that can wrap around the column without drooping too much.

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5 hours ago, softopz said:

😍 Been following this one for awhile. Keep it up 

more info on transmission please.
Which ECU are you going with? 

I'm using a Motec M130. The transmission is an HGT 5 speed sequential. It's shifted through an air powered actuator that is trigged via the paddles. What's nice is we can program the ECU to handle the drop throttle and rev match on shifting. We're also wiring up wheel speed sensors since the ECU can handle traction control.

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I have something interesting to share. Since waiting on some parts I have time to stare at the car and imagine other things that could be worked on. It's a blessing and a curse. I'm also a product designer by trade and 'making stuff' is a daily thing. On top of this, Andris' shop got a 3D scanner and that immediately starts to beg the question "what else can I scan?". So, we scanned the front to make the canards. That was cool. And just lately we've scanned the rear of the car to create a custom back panel. I love the stock look of the back panel but because the back suspension area is open, I want to move air from under the car to out the back panel. That should break up the stagnant air just below the wing and above the diffuser.... At least it can't hurt... I think. So I decided to design (with help from Hayes Urban, a fantastic Industrial Designer) a mesh panel that would hide these holes. It's done now and we'll do a test print soon. I'm concerned to not jump the shark on custom bits here. The car is already a departure from stock but overall it has to retain that 'first read' of the original design. We'll see when it's on the car.spacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.png




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12 hours ago, Ben280 said:

Have you considered using a Krontec or similar style quick release with a connector in the center for steering wheel controls? 


I've got a nice curly cord on mine, and it's *fine* but I find it's often an annoying tether for my steering wheel. 



Good idea. I'll take a look.

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If you need to shift the air from the rear that seems a good way to do it.  Could you make the holes smaller so there is more surface to be visible? It should still flow enough air.


Definiyitly got some supercar vibes about it as most of them have a similar structure at the rear to remove engine heat.

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headed towards finish. I think I can get it back on the track end of august. That means I can test at Harris Hill in September and get some track events in with rest of 2020. And there's Nismo Fiesta in early October. Pics here show finished canard 3D prints. I'll use those as molds to make carbon fiber parts. Also pic of air tank in back for the paddle shifters (pneumatic). Lastly, buttoning up some rewiring. 





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