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  1. 240z retrostat removal

    You sure it's the Rheostat that's blown, and not a fuse? Also, try turning it all the way to one direction, and then all the way to the other a few times. Your connections could have corrosion on them. Sweeping through the full range could clean them.
  2. Z31 454 engine

    Maybe, other V8's have fit.
  3. My Carbon Fibre 280z!

    A thought to consider. Singer, a car modifier who creates some of wildest 911's out there, remove all of the exterior body panels that are made of steel and replace them with carbon fiber...EXCEPT for the doors. Their cars are well into the 6 figures, so it's not like they just didn't get around to it. I do not know the reason for them not do it. It could be a safety thing, or possibly a legal issue, But even they don't. Personally, I wouldn't. There's a lot of other areas to lose weight on the car if that's what you're after.
  4. Failed Emissions

    This is the sticker he's talking about. It's on the underside of the hood. If your car doesn't have one, you can literally by one from MSA for 25 dollars.
  5. Got any pictures of what you have now?
  6. L-series 6-speed Transmission Conversions

    If he doesn't get back to you, you may want to look into this https://hokeperformance.squarespace.com/store/l-series-6spd-transmission-adapter-03-06-vq35de
  7. Exposed's 1jz Build

    You think about running a triangular gusset onto from the box portion of your mount to the flat portion of your mount? Right now you can get a decent amount of flex laterally on that bend of the angle iron you used. Boxing that in would prevent a possibly very catastrophic failure. Maybe you're ok, but I'm always more of the mindset of, the only way to do it is to overdo it.
  8. Tim's 302Z

    God damn Tim...your necromancy skills are on point because that Z was well beyond "not worth saving". Next time you want to restore a car, let me know and I'll trailer you one down from the west coast.
  9. 1972 240z Price Check?

    https://zcardepot.com/all-products/exterior/sheet-metal?car_model=974 Just add angle grinder and welder and you're good as new!
  10. 1972 240z Price Check?

    Does it run? If it doesn't run, I would assume almost everything else doesn't work on it either. Would this be cheaper than just fixing the sheet metal on your current car?
  11. Anything is possible with a drill, angle grinder, and a welder.
  12. 1971 240z restoration/build

    Go get checked out for injuries. You may feel fine now, but until you really get it checked out, it may turn into something more serious later down the line. That REALLY sucks about your car man, but it could have been way worse, and that's a good thing that it wasn't.
  13. OhkaZ - Turbocharged 1UZ 280z

    If you've got a TIG, why not just make the removable car out of a steel bar instead of paying Cusco a bunch of money to use their bar for something it's not meant to be used as? You can get a steel tube and weld some bar ends onto it for pretty cheap. I go to Clackamas Steel for sheet metal, tubing, steel stock. I'm pretty sure they carry aluminum as well. It would be worth a call.
  14. 240Z coil overs

  15. Exposed's 1jz Build

    Combining aluminum and steel also leads to galvanic corrosion. This will treat the aluminum as an anode and start corroding. If you ever have to run a steel bolt through an aluminum piece, make sure there is some sort of coating around the aluminum so that the two metals aren't actually in contact. For further reading: https://www.galvanizeit.org/design-and-fabrication/design-considerations/dissimilar-metals-in-contact
  16. engine swapped (370z to Datsun 280z)

    Are you asking how long the CD009 transmission is? If not, maybe draw a picture of what dimension you're wanting to get. Or maybe just get some of these parts... https://www.mckinneymotorsports.com/prod_VQ-Zcar+parts
  17. z32 caliper and wheel hub swap

    To answer your question, No. You can use Z31 5 lug front hubs though. You can then get a custom bracket to attach Z32 calipers to Honda Oddessey Rotors. That's here :
  18. Oh that is lovely. I probably would be a couple thousand ahead had I just bought this... Interested....
  19. Toyota 3sge beams swap in a 240z

    Usually people use that engine because their car can only fit a 4 cylinder, and they want to keep it all Toyota. However, it's your car. Bringing up how good an L-series is doesn't make much sense because your car doesn't have one. If you don't like the 302, then other V8's probably won't make you happy either. For the price point you're talking about you could get a 2jz-ge, or an SR20, or if you wanted to spend a bit more, you could yank the engine and trans out of a 350z. (according to car-part.com you're looking at about 1300 for the engine and 600-700 for the trans). Those engines all allow you to have pre-made engine and transmission mounts and pretty well documented swap process. Personally I think the Beams engine makes way more sense in a first generation Celica, but it's a lightweight, powerful engine that has a 6 speed already attached to it at the end of the day. That would be a cool swap in an S30 for sure. Do what makes you happy.
  20. 240z L28et Overheating

    You sure you don't have air in the system somewhere? If everything is working correctly, it shouldn't be doing that.
  21. To bore or not to bore

    Nice! Now bore and stroke it, and attach some monstrous turbo to it that will ultimately break everything else in your car!
  22. Highest quality type 1 air dam with ducts

    for a quality part that's well made and comes from a reputable manufacturer and actually works, I'd call it pretty cheap.
  23. Highest quality type 1 air dam with ducts

    https://skillard.com/products/240z-turn-signal-plates These?
  24. Highest quality type 1 air dam with ducts

    Anyone have any experience personally owning this one? https://www.amazon.com/Xenon-3124-Brake-Ducts-Urethane/dp/B0007Z6LXI