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  1. Considering you're in Germany, you might want to give this thread a read. http://forum.retro-rides.org/thread/139679/bmw-m3-powered-240z
  2. Neverdone

    Pandem/Rocket Bunny Kit

    Will the Wide ZG Flares not add enough? https://retro-spec.myshopify.com/products/datsun-280z-260z-240z-wide-zg-fender-flares I know a handful of guys on here are running those BAMF flares and they've got some pretty tires too. It would probably be cheaper than anything Rocket Bunny is offering.
  3. Neverdone

    New guy from across the pond

    Everything you described doing other than adding power can be thrown into the reason of "adding safety". Coilovers make the car handle better which increases accident avoidance. Wider tires do the same. You "need" flares for wider tires. A rear spoiler and front air dam help the aero of the car to decrease lift on the front end and help plant the rear so it's not so tail happy around a corner to reduce the risk of a crash. Power steering is power steering, not sure why you would need a justification for that. a 5 speed lets you run an overdrive gear which increases fuel economy. It sounds like you need a turbo engine so you can change the boost settings to "only" make 20% more power when you're getting a dyno check or something.
  4. Neverdone

    New guy from across the pond

    It applies to Oregon as well. So I'm sure it probably applies to other states as well. EDIT: When I say Oregon, I think it's only the Portland metro area and possibly Bend...but that's about half of the population here.
  5. Neverdone

    4 to 5 lug swap options

  6. Neverdone

    New guy from across the pond

    Considering you're gonna modify it anyway, here's a 280z with some nice before and after pictures. With the 280, you get a larger radiator area, better stub axles, a bigger rear diff, and a cheaper starting price. A lot of people in the US go after the 240z so they can get around emissions laws because they were all made prior to 1975 and because it's the "original" Z car. If that isn't important to you, then I'd totally be looking at 280's.
  7. Neverdone

    Thoughts on this s30 project

    While you maybe didn't want to do a full restoration, that's gonna need a lot of work before it's safe to drive.
  8. Neverdone

    brake cooling backing plate

    That's not mine. But you should run an airdam if you're actually going to race the car. Front end lift isn't your friend.
  9. Because 15's are lighter and 17's are flashier. Most people want one or the other, and choosing a middle option usually doesn't get you want you actually want and is a compromise that isn't worth it.
  10. Neverdone

    brake cooling backing plate

    That's the stock brake backing plate with a tube welded on.
  11. While not 100% of what you're looking for, the XXR 537 are pretty close. I don't think they make them anymore, but some places still have some left over. https://www.nlmotoring.com/XXR-537-Wheels-s/2086.htm
  12. It's a new master cylinder. Unless someone has a specific review of it being bad, I would not assume it's going to be bad.
  13. If you're still running the stock calipers, the 7/8's is perfectly fine. But if you've upgraded to the Toyota S12W's or a larger Wilwood/Whatever brand that will take more fluid, the 7/8's is more than likely not going to be enough.
  14. That Toyota master cylinder would actually be the main reason to do this swap. Not having to rely on the remaned 15/16th bore 280zx master cylinders which have a history of failure and difficulty getting, or the Wilwood 1" master cylinder which have ALSO failed a few times on some of our members (Miles can chime in here). The Wilwood is also currently going for $152 (https://zcardepot.com/brake-master-cylinder-1-wilwood-240z-260z-280z.html), so it seems like you'd actually come out ahead by going the Toyota route if you're switching to larger brakes and need more fluid to pump through the brake system.
  15. It's worth a shot to ask. Worst they say is no, then I'd just open in the store and measure it, then return it before I left.
  16. Unfortauntely the lovely people who run Pick'n'pull near me get rid of a single row of vehicles every day at random, and they just so happen to pick the row with the ONLY Tacoma in the entire lot on that day, so I missed out on checking it. I'm thinking about just buying one at Autozone or something and taking all the measurements and then just bringing it back.
  17. Option 3: Sell it! That's pretty good condition. Not perfect, but better than what a lot of people are rolling around with. Option 4: Paint it! It won't be shiny chrome, but primer can fill in a lot of those imperfections, and then you don't need to worry about chroming anything.
  18. Neverdone

    Exhaust order?

    Yes, the cat should come directly after the headers. Having one flex pipe is good, but you shouldn't need any more than that if you mount your exhaust to your frame/whatever with rubber exhaust hangers.
  19. Neverdone


    Go to your local community and sign up for a welding class. They usually aren't that expensive are incredibly valuable for a person with no experience welding. Afterwards you'll have a skill.
  20. Neverdone

    Camaro IRS differential conversion

    I don't think that's the same differential housing that the Camaro uses.
  21. Neverdone

    I got a batch of lighter pistons

    If you already have the crank out, why not balance it? There's a place near me that only charges 70 dollars to do that. If you're going high horsepower, isn't that a nice assurance to have for pretty cheap.
  22. If you're not building a track car, why do you need to adjust your front suspension?
  23. Neverdone

    L24 block question

    You can weld in corrosion holes on an engine. Make sure whoever is doing it knows exactly what they're doing though. Considering however that you have a Z that isn't in mint condition, and the value will change by a negligible amount, it might be cheaper and easier to just get a new L24 that isn't pitted out.
  24. According to Rockauto and Autozone, the 8.75" brake booster is on 1995-2001 2WD Tacomas. There's a 96 at a Pick'n'pull near me. I'll see if I can go yank the booster and measure the bolt pattern today or tomorrow and take pictures and what not. Would be neat to have a readily available booster upgrade for 200 bucks that's truely plug and play.
  25. Question 1: If you don't know what you're doing, and you're not willing to spend the time looking up how to fix it, I would absolutely take it to someone who does know how to fix it. This isn't a slight against you, I have no idea how much time or money you have. Question 2: If the area where the door has rusted is still in tact on that bashed up door, then cut out that portion of the door and weld it onto the area where the rusted door after cutting away the cancer. Question 3: