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  1. Yes and even facebook. Seems like Wilwood is the way to go! Was hoping that the 83 rear calipers would be magic... Thanks
  2. How to get good AFR targets?

    Hi, I am using Supra 7GME hi-z injectors that I drive directly from microsquirt, seems to work well. I bought the M445 cam from a Canadian I haven't seen any dyno plots from the cam on a L28 (only on l20) so I cam curious about it.
  3. How to get good AFR targets?

    Hi I guess what I am wondering is how people find their AFR targets? Start with guidelines and then trial and error?
  4. How to get good AFR targets?

    Hi I have a MS2 converted stockish L28 that I very much enjoy tunung. I run a mix of autotune and manual tune. But currently building a new engine. My problem is how do i know what my AFR targets should be for my L28 build? As of now I have tunerstudio calculate it for me based on some generic formula. Works OK but probably not optimal for our engines. So how do I find the best afr targets? 1. Trial and error at Dyno? 2. Find a rebello engine with similar specs and copy theirs? Currently stock but planning on 200whp target. N47 with Flattops, decent port, mild street) M455 cam (280 advanced duration). Thanks
  5. I am curious if the 1983 brakes are better than the 1980 brakes for my race car. It's a 1980 280zx chumpcar race car running on non slicks, stockish engine and stiffer suspension (cut springs, swaybar, camber, strut bar,roll cage).
  6. Hi, Is the 280zx late design rear brakes better than the early design? Why did they change it out? To be able to stop with turbo engine? I am so sick of the rear calipers on my race car. They don't work well for enduro racing.
  7. I think that: 7M-GTE ( 23250-42010) is 440cc and low imp. 1JZ-GTE (23209-49015) is high imp 2JZ-GTE(23209-49025) is high imp Call http://www.fuelinjector.citymaker.com/ to be sure. Best place to buy from. I got a set of high imp injectors for my MS build, less components. But maybe you need more CC than me.
  8. Where to get exhaust valves for mild race engine?

    I ended up getting valves from DatsunSprit, not the expensive DSI but the other ones he sells. Not sure what brand but I trust that it's good quality, I think he uses the same for his less crazy builds.
  9. S130 Parts Weight Thread - DEFINITIVE

    harness (almost every wire in the car) + relays + ECU: 25lbs
  10. Mystery Big Valve Ported N42 Head.

    What cam is that btw?
  11. Mystery Big Valve Ported N42 Head.

    It's probably mucj much better than stock but I would think that head would perform best at a crazy 600 lift or something. But again, no expert. I wouldn't worry too much. What compression do you get?
  12. Mystery Big Valve Ported N42 Head.

    Seems like it's been ported for high lift aggressive cam. The flow numbers at low lifts looks small compared to high lift. Good if you have a high lift cam, bad if you have mild lift cam. But I am no expert.
  13. Hi, Any suggestion what exhaust valves to get for a mild enduro race engine? Max RPM 6500-7000, 200hp - 250hp It would be a stock replacement for a N47 head. Would cheapest from Zcardepot do it?
  14. Various pallnet questions

    Hi, I got my pallnet fuel rail yesterday. Looks great. I also have a set of green Supra injectors I got from Motorman (he gave me the correct seals, great guy). I have a few questions about the fuel rail. It doesn't look right to me but I know that there is a lot of people using it, so it's probably me! 1. The bolt that holds the bracket on the fuel rail seems a little long? The bracket on the fuel rail is snug but it's not super tight. I could move the mounting bracket on the fuel rail side to side but not upp and down. 2. The bolts that mounts the fuel rail to intake seems to be the wrong threads. Could he have sent me the wrong bolts? (Another unlikely explanation could be that it my intake was tapped differently, but it looks stock to me). 3. With the supra injectors there is nothing else holding the injectors besides the fuel rail? (And the o-ring in the intake). Stock injectors are mounted to manifold using screws, but for some other injectors it's just pressed down from the fuel rail? Looking at pictures from other peoples fuel rails I see both setups. Many thanks
  15. L28 dual duty build

    Don't want to hijack the thread, but your right! There are a few more things you mentioned with the sensors and drivers. Also USB and maybe something else. I understated things. I had to buy the MAP sensor and build a container for it, some extra cables. Same goes for drivers, maybe MS3 is an easier and more stable path. The only downside with MS3 is the connector and size! Microsquirt is somewhat water proof and has an AMP seal connector. However I do believe Microsquirt is also machine soldered? That was the biggest thing for me. Always dyno for best results. But you can get going and get decent performance in your garage. Basic tuning with Megasquirt/Tunerstudio is a pleasure!! Took me a few hours to go from not starting and running better than stock EFI (for a stock engine). And I am not a good tuner in anyway. To get the last 10% performance requires some skills. Also get a wideband. It might be hard to get something that works in both -30F and +120F, in Holland (under sea level) and at Mount Everest. someone else can chime in on that. I just made it work for Texas weather.