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  1. turbogrill

    New Valves?

    Make sure they are not bent, mine was.
  2. turbogrill

    Back on the road after 6 years

    I am currently in Europe, I guess I will check when I am home in TX....
  3. turbogrill

    Back on the road after 6 years

    The link doesnt work for me.
  4. turbogrill

    Back on the road after 6 years

    Nice! Could you tell us more about the car? What head and pistons? What intercooler? Do you track it? Any heat issues?
  5. turbogrill

    Ball bearing vs Journal bearing Turbos?

    never owned a turbo car in my life but I googled the same thing a while ago and my conclusion was that for a typical street setup the gains are small but not worth it. For a well matched turbo and everything being equal spool might start 150-500 RPM earlier. Not sure about max hp. I would spend that money on tuning instead. I am planning a turbo race car so I might get one just because they can handle more abuse.
  6. turbogrill

    Turbo race car, high or low compression ratio?

    I will be using a stockish N47 head or maybe a P79 if I am lucky. Either flattop or dished pistons. So no modern stuff here. I cant run water injection either and no race gas. Its in Texas and it does get warm during summer. Seems like going low on compression might be the best strategy, the extra power from higher compression is not worth the devastation of detonation. Street car maybe but not enduro race car. Even if I get a stable tune things can break and mess things up, so having something robust is not bad. Also 300whp is plenty for a 280zx amateur race car weighing 2700 lbs with driver and fuel. (My current racing league doesnt allow cars below a PWR of 10:1, so probably need to detune it even)..
  7. Hi, For a 300-350whp turbo race car what would be a good strategy for compression? The race car will live at 3000-6000 RPM and hopefully be on boost all the time? Does it make sense to run 7:1 compression to really really avoid getting detonation? Most posts on this forum indicates that >8:1 compression ratio is very doable with modern engine mangement and good intercooler. It significantly Improves off-boost conditions, but unless drivers scews up there shouldn't be any off-boost conditions. From what I understand a 300whp NA race car also sucks under 4000 RPM. Would be on high octane pump gas and Megasquirt fuel and spark.
  8. turbogrill

    280 duration cam 0.480" lift vs 0.540" lift

    Would the .540 cam be beneficial in with a head that only has a diy cleanup (smooth out the vale bowl) and not a extensive port? Seems like mild home porting typically improves flow at lower lifts, but over 400 the flow saturates. (Where a race port is different). Its easier to deal with 480 lift, probably no valve relifs, only outer spring, maybe stock retainer and the ford seal. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  9. turbogrill

    280 duration cam 0.480" lift vs 0.540" lift

    That's some cool graphs. How did you calculate them? Did you estimate the 0.50" lift?
  10. Hi, In terms of performance, what is the difference in going from a moderate (0.480" lift) to high lift (0.540") cam given that the duration is the same? Does the higher lift only make sense if your head is ported for it? From what I understand a mild clean up on the head really helps on the lower lifts but doesn't do much at higher lifts, reshaping of the ports are needed for that. Rebello has a few cams with similar duration but with different lifts. I guess the lower lifts are for "budget" builds where stock pistons and less care to the valve train is required?
  11. Sad to hear, seems like you were prepared and then it all went to the drain. But the car is running good now right? Nothing broke? The *only* thing you lost was the money for the dyno day?
  12. turbogrill

    240Z ITB Install

    Agree that Megasquirt pro might be overkill. Spend that money on something else like tuning. Godzilla raceworks sells a "plugin" MS2(?). I am using Microsquirt works well and not missing any features.
  13. turbogrill

    Sign in if you own an s130!

    Are you talking about just the coilover conversion or a full suspension swap? The full swap has some involved and I think the question is if it's worth it. Sure the S130 rear suspension is not the best design but you can still make them handle OK (BMW E30 has a similar design and seem to be a popular race car) I kept the S130 suspension and put my resources into tires and aftermarket suspension components. Are you saying that the 300Z components somehow have been adopted to work in 280zx?
  14. Hi, I have a moderate lift cam that I have measured to about 0.480" (Shadbolt M445). When the valve is open max there are some margin between the top of the seal and the top of the retainer. What is a good safety margin? Rebuilding the head, curious if I should get stock seals or the Ford ones (ford ones seems harder to install).
  15. turbogrill

    Turbo exhaust manifold $150

    What intercooler?