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  1. Hi Our head gasket just blew on the track. We are about to replace it in 1-2hours and try and make the race. 1. I don't have a spare exhaust/intake gasket. Can I reuse the existing one you think? Its only been there for 2h running time (3 weeks sitting in garage) 2. Since I dont have a exhaust/intake gasket. Do I have to remove the headers? Could i lift of the head with intake and exhaust still on? Thanks
  2. Why more horsepower with a carb

    It all depends on what you want to do, imo it makes sense to convert stock efi to carbs for hot street or race. I did a megasquirt conversion and it takes a lot of time. But its awesome if you are on the geeky side
  3. Why more horsepower with a carb

    I think the conclusion is that carbs is "better" than stock EFI since its easier to tune for aftermarket cams. But a well working EFI will always be better. However, seems like ITBs are cheaper using carbs?
  4. Valve lash adjustment on aftermarket cam

    Ok thanks! Will aim for stock
  5. Hi I bought a cam used without cam card (shabolt m445, same as colt cams 542). What should I set the valve lash to? Stock? I read a post saying that a 0.001" change can affect timing up to 5degrees! I checked the cam timing on cyl #1 intake, and its about right. I only have data floating around on internet so hard to make it exact. Should I atleast make sure that all valves have the exact clearance? What happens if its off? Premature wear? Its for a race engine, someone told me to just make it as tigjt as possible. Not sure about that.
  6. Do you know if they are logic 5v driven as the LS and above VAG ones?
  7. Hi, Has anyone used Jetta/Golf (032 905 106B) wasted spark drivers with MS2? They are for 4 cyl so I guess two of them would be needed . http://www.msextra.com/doc/pdf/html/Microsquirt_Hardware-3.4.pdf/Microsquirt_Hardware-3.4-62.html
  8. XTD Clutch opinions

    I am running this , https://www.summitracing.com/parts/acl-nx1-hdg6 Combined with a light flywheel it's pretty racy and nice.
  9. Don Potter Racing Cam?

    I would think the only downside with higher lift is it harder to build. More thought need to put into drivetrain stability and piston to valve.
  10. Rally Suspension

    I think Techno Toy Tuning sells some parts that are used for Rally, maybe send them an email and see what they say.
  11. How to remove a head with ARP studs

    haha!!! All of a sudden I feel weak and useless.....time to man up. Yes this should be in the FAQ/Guide/Writeup as "How to remove head"
  12. How to remove a head with ARP studs

    Hmm...so you are saying it should just lift off easily? I had a shop inspect the head, I would assume they checked it. Now you made me nervous... edit: I am pretty sure the cylinder head shop inspected it for straightness, could the block be slightly warped? I have less trust in the machine shop doing the block than the cylinder head guy. Also the head went on just fine, I then tried to remove it directly after and that is when I had problems. (I did a mockup install to check everything). I also tried to remove it myself, maybe it would have worked with a helper. I could lift of the head halfway but as soon as the head got a little tilted it got stuck on the studs.
  13. Exhaust Manifold studs vs bolts?

    Hmm....maybe the bolt was so rusted on the stud so I actually got the stud+bolt out. Lucky you I am looking at getting Pallnet or Datsun Sprit kit, $40-$60 for some fasteners....