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Another Dash Restoration

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I went the patch method as well and like others it just cracks in a new spot.


Here is a pretty long how to on bonding a dash cap to my dash. It's been over a year and up until I trashed the head it was sitting outside daily in the florida heat. There are no signs of delimitation. Not the cheapest rout but if you do it right it's probably the last time you will need to do it.





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Wow looks awesome!

I just had a quote come back from JustDashes...$1750!! Far more expensive than I was expecting.

Is this the go-to method for restoring these S30 dashes? I have the typical 3 cracks on the gauges in the center. I'd love to restore mine, but if it isn't going to last if I do it myself...I'd rather have it re-covered by a professional.

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