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  1. Zetsaz: did you end up doing the lizard skin? And if so how much did you actually use? I’m doing both ceramic and sound deadening so would like to get a somewhat accurate idea of how much to buy. I have a credit with Jegs so I’m sure that’s where I will purchase mine at this point. Also, are you happy with the results!? TIA, Dale M.
  2. Is this car still available or not? Mine that was built very similar was hit by an uninsured lady 2 days ago. Im looking to replace it soon!
  3. Is this car still available or have you sold it? My 400HP ‘77 was rear ended last night by an uninsured driver....why do they even have that law!?
  4. Chip, I’m pretty sure I’d like to order one of these LSD units. My email is drmalcolmx31@gmail.com. I’d like to have you answer a few questions through Pm or email. Thanks, Dale M
  5. I was redirected here last night from hybridz. I was signed on and reading then boom, took me to adonclick.net. After this happened i could not go beyond the home page with the z picture without immediately being redirected. I googled this and it looks like it is something malicious.....has anyone else had this happen? Moderators or administrators might want to look into this. (I used a link to this site [www.dsalnidrawn.com] just before this happened....link is on page 18 of the brake FAQ i was reading post # 353)
  6. Well I purchased the RX8 seats. I will post pics of the install when I get these back together and installed.
  7. I would be in for a hoodie and T-shirt to replace my aging Conquest/Starion "rags"! Maybe a sticker or a static decal as well if you do them, depends on size--prefer the smaller ones as was previously mentioned.
  8. What year rx8 were your seats taken from? I have a chance at some out of a 2006 rx8 GT. Im taking some measurements in my car tomorrow morning and going to look at the seats as well....
  9. Thanks for the heads up on this! Do I also need the LH and RH pieces that support the center valance if using these turn signals? What about the grill? Will I need to use the 240 grill as well? Removed the bumpers and brackets from the 77 today. I will be grabbing this 240 stuff out of storage tomorrow to mock-up the front bumper and see what works. I have everything so I know it will work, I'm just trying to get an idea of all the 240 parts that i need to do the change over.
  10. Here is a couple pics of the worst rust on the car....
  11. 73 240z is going to be sold as is (stripped other than windshield and rear quarter glass) or scrap the shell and part it out. Are there any parts other than the bumpers/brackets and E-brake setup that I should be saving for my swap.....? I was thinking that I had read in the past somewhere that the 240 strut housings are more desirable if sectioning is to be done there for lowering purposes. Can someone confirm this or am I remembering this wrong?
  12. I am going to sell the 240 or scrap the shell which is on a rotisserie at the moment. I wasn't sure where I should post these questions but thought this would do for now and if the mods want to move it they can do so. I am wondering if there are any parts on the EARLY 73 that I should be saving for my SBC swap. Most of everything I have read suggests that most desirable of all are the bumpers/brackets which I have already set aside for the new project. E-brake cable is toast as I knew nothing of the value when it was removed.... Someone please chime in on anything else that I might need to save for the future.....
  13. So this past Thursday on the way to a weekend of camping I get a call from a guy who needs to move back to Las Vegas in the next 48 hours. I had left my phone # with him about 2 years ago and again in November about possibly purchasing his car when I had some $$ to "burn".....but he never called until last week. Told me he was out of work, needed cash to get his trip in order and needed to sell his '77 to fund the trip. I remembered the car but had not seen it in over 6 months as he had moved. To make a long story short, I have been off work myself for a couple months due to an on the job injury. $$ has been tight and I figured I would have no chance at purchasing hte car. After a short phone conversation I told him that I could not afford anything over a grand and if that would work for him I would come and look at the car on the 3rd. He called the morning of the 3rd and told me to come and get it so he could get on the road....now it is sitting in my driveway. The good: It runs/drives, most everything works, wiring looks to be mostly intact, very little rust in the usual places as the car has spent most of its life in California and Nevada/only 2 spots where I see any rust through on the whole car, newer 5 speed, R200 rear end, Eibach lowered 1", good wheels, newer BFGoodrich Radial TA's, all glass is pretty clean, probably not gonna need to spin this on the rotisserie to do my welding, upgraded front brakes, upgraded brake lines. The really good: I have most of the parts purchased for the swap, been waiting to get floor pans for the '73--now things will move along much quicker as this is way closer to being ready for the swap. The bad: 2 rust through areas on passenger side--rust in the engine bay next to the purge canister on the wheel well, and in front of the radiator support next to the headlight bucket, interior is shot from heat, inline 6 is very tired, car was sanded to bare metal 3 years ago and primed but never painted--this will be redone ASAP, small accident somewhere in the past as the passenger rear quarter will need to be worked/possibly replaced. The really bad: She says one of them has to go, so the car my dad left me is gonna be parted/sold/scrapped. This does not sit with me well but it is going to save me lots of $ and tons of time to work on something newer and less ate away by rust.
  14. Tested the rotisserie this evening as well. Sometime this week I will be removing the windshield and the rear quarter glass. Sheet metal floor pans will be getting removed as well, they were not done the correct way and one of them was not even primed or painted after it was welded in--lots of rust on it. After that I will get the rest of the wiring harness out of the car and try to get my neighbor to commit to a date on the mediablasting. I've decided to keep the cage in the car, not gonna need to pass any inspections as I have no intentions of roadracing this car. Anybody want to chime in on whether I should just replace the 40 year old brake lines & fuel lines running the length of the tunnel now too? Im thinking it would be a good idea but I've read both opinions on this....
  15. Well I have a long overdue update.....Been working out of town and working on my house for the past 6 months.....zero time to spend in my garage working on this car. Removed the spare tire well and fuel tank then removed the rear suspension.
  16. Taking the "plunge" tomorrow,....now I'm scared!
  17. If those wheels are enkei's I want the 3 of them.....been trying to find another set of those since I sold my '78 back in 1993!! Let me know if you can get them, I'm definitely serious about it and I'll pay for shipping!
  18. Been following your build and like what i'm seeing. Can't wait to see the power numbers you're making! Love the sound of the car out on the road too....giving me a little motivation for the work to be done this winter, now if I can just get back home from working on the road....
  19. Okay, so that was a long WEEK! Actually four weeks time has passed already....So after a broken rib and a couple of weeks of taking it easy around the garage, I finally put together the rotiserrie stands. I had to adjust the angle of the sleeves which the mounts will be rotating in. The angle was too great for my liking. Knowing there will be a little flex (towards car) in the upright when under load, I welded the sleeves a degree or 2 out of level--sleeves are just a tad higher on the side facing the car. Tomorrow I will be fabing up the front and rear mounts so I can be working on the floor pans over the next month. The third picture shows the difference in angle after I cut one of the sleeves off and left one in the original position for comparison....really shows how much angle is built into these engine stands from the factory.
  20. JTR motor mounts and crossmember that I found buried in the car when I brought it home.... and the 355 SBC (fresh rebuild in '07) that came in the car. ZERO Miles on this, but I will be tearing it down to lube/hone/reassemble as I don't know if this has been done correctly.
  21. Some goodies I picked up the past 4 weeks....Millermatic 135 with gas, hood and cart; and some 280zxt CV axles with MM adapters.
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